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Hector Gonzalez suggests why attractive messaging and copywriting is important for business

Hector Gonzalez, the marketing consultant for brands, coaches and experts, gives us an inside about reasons why copywriting is important for businesses.

Search engine optimization (SEO) professionals control the masterful talent to boost your website onto the first page of Google and thus drive waves of enthusiastic customers your way, right?


Copywriters do. Why? Because skilled copywriters have a certain set of “superpowers” that very few have…

Let’s find out Hector Gonzalez’s thoughts these “superpowers” and why they are important for businesses.

Developing Value

Pro copywriters have an inner “spidey sense” that generates a marketing message that provides something that is called “The USP”…or the Unique Selling Proposition. The USP is essentially the “pulling power” of the campaign. They know how to channel the markets desires through conveying clear differentiation, compelling users to take massive action. Hector identifies this as “The Rolls Royce Effect”…when it comes by, you recognize it, you remember it, and you want it.

Hector finds inspiration in reading self-help books. He loves reading and following the audacity and the risks taken by successful people which provides him a clear cut idea about each task as we know it. As a young kid, Hector read over 4 to 5 books monthly and often times, a good reader becomes a fairly successful and influential writer.

Brand Image

The brand image relates to how a business wants to position itself in the marketplace. You can call it “Brand Tonality”. This is essentially the core identity of the business. For example, Nike’s core brand message “Just Do it” also plays a key role in it’s marketing message as well. How? The idea of “Just Do it” is a highly appealing “take action” oriented message that resonates with who exactly? Athletes. That’s branding and marketing working as one. Sadly, most copywriters only understand marketing, not branding. This causes the business to lose its “voice”. Sure, you could walk with one leg…but who wants to do that? No one. Good copywriters however are able to integrate the mission and message of the brand with the image that directly reflects the deepest desires of the market and produce that in either a solid content distribution processes or paid advertising process.

Hector’s love for studying human behavior and his 10 years of experience in creating attractive messages which led to raving audiences gives him an extra edge over other copywriters

The Audience

Copywriting is about effectively interacting & attracting the right audience who are committed to fully investing in themselves. Irresistible copy is knowing how to identify the deep hidden desires of the market and unite those desires to the product or service with precision. Copywriting is not about the brand, it’s about the consumer’s view of the brand. A product-centric marketing strategy always fails…but a customer-centric system will always generate an endless measure of leads that can’t help but pay you.

Sadly, many copywriters make the blunder of solely asserting facts about the business, commodities and other boring things that people usually don’t pay attention to. Skilled copywriters know how to write for diverse audiences and tap into the “inner voice” of the market to directly influence their mindsets. Think of a copywriter as a mind reader who writes words that influence and sell. Another word for a copywriter…or a least a good one, is a “telepath”

I am a Marketing & PR Specialist with a strong background in E-commerce with over 5 years experience. I am the CEO of Prestige Public Relations, a PR agency where I help entrepreneurs big and small get their story on major publications.

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