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Hawaiian Poké bowl- A new destination for families and youngsters that’s worth the time and money:

Here is the story of three youngsters who are in their twenties, trying to present society with a new place that they can call their own, which is an alter name for safety and happiness. Mattijs Hermans, Ash Shah, and Albano Gozhina quickly saw the potential of the new hype and got hold of the Hawaiian Poké bowl. And the ambitious youngsters are thereby here with their new restaurant “Hawaiian Poké bowl”.

Nowadays people are discovering their interest in the Hawaiian Poké Bowl which can be considered the revolution in the field of ‘healthy food’. Bowls are made with fresh ingredients, bursting with flavor with homemade dressings and all kinds of toppings. In the world of fitness, health being the uttermost priority, people always look for an alternative to oily, fried, and unhealthy food. And here Hawaiian Poké bowl clearly offers the best option at the price of a greasy burger. It doesn’t only provide a mouth full of flavors but also gives you a mini-vacation in a bowl.

One of the specialties of this place lies in the variety of options and freedom to choose their own favorite items. They win the hearts as well as attention by quoting, “Make your own unique bowl every time or go for one of the ‘House Favourites’, poké combinations created by our own expert chefs.” There are over a billion different combos possible with your own Hawaiian Poké Bowl. Finally, a place where one can be creative and eat whatever they want is totally guilt-free.
Its ambiance is worth the contribution of the time from a busy schedule. Here there are wooden tables and chairs with mood lighting between the palm trees. But the eye-catcher is undoubtedly the plant wall, which immediately makes you feel like you are on an exotic island.
Whenever we look deep into their service, it is sure to notice that all their products are fresh, also showing their concern towards the proper usage of the resources. They mention that ‘We have built a central preparation kitchen just outside Antwerp. There, cutting, filleting, and distributing are done in a time and labor-efficient manner. In this way, we minimize surpluses in the restaurants that would eventually end up in the waste bin. We think it is important to keep our impact on the environment and climate as small as possible.’

If you want to know more about the Hawaiian Poké Bowl, then check out their social media handle and website (Link down below)

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