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Hate Writing Essays? There’s A Service That Can Help Make It A Little Less Painful

Ahh, yes. College essays. We can all think back to a time where we pulled an all-nighter slaving away to complete some paper on God-knows-what before the clock struck 11:59 PM. Essays can be brutal and tedious and a source of stress for many students, but like it or not, they’re a hallmark of the university experience and likely aren’t going anywhere. So with so many stressed-out students, what happens when a savvy internet entrepreneur decides to dedicate his life to making the lives of students easier? You get Killer Papers, one of America’s up-and-coming tutoring and writing services that are trying to make a name for itself in the educational technology space.

What does Killer Papers do exactly?

Across the country, students at all academic levels see their workloads grow with each passing year as the world becomes more global, and competition increases. As the workload goes up, many students are struggling to keep their heads above water.  

“Students are overworked and stressed out. Studies say levels of anxiety, depression, and stress are at all-time highs in students. It’s no wonder so many are looking for help,” Says KP, the owner & founder of Killer Papers. 

With so many students in need of help, KP set out to build a business that can help students achieve their academic goals. Whether they need an essay outline, a tutoring session, or proofreading of their thesis paper, Killer Papers has them covered. It’s as easy as getting on their site,, and creating a free account. Once done, you can send in the details of your project and start communicating with their esteemed writers within minutes. KP emphasizes the easy process of ordering projects through the site, saying, “It’s a breeze for the tech-savvy kids out here.”

But while Killer Papers recognizes that many students need help, he also recognizes that many of them are simply searching for an “easy out” on their projects. While he’s sympathetic to their plights, he makes it clear on his site; Killer Papers is a tutoring service meant to help students. They don’t simply do your work for you as some services offer. 

“Other services out there, both big and small, they’ll straight up offer to do the work for a student to turn in themselves. Whether it’s an online class or an essay, they know the student’s going to turn it in for credit.” With a few clicks of a button, they can wash their hands of their academic responsibilities for the weekend. That doesn’t fly with KP. 

“That’s not cool with us. It’s definitely appealing to students, but I realized to scale this business, and to do it with a clean conscience, I needed to focus on ways to help students while not crossing the line of doing things for them,” he says. 

Writing outlines, proofreading, and editing essays and holding tutoring sessions with students is a way to improve their academic knowledge and boost their success without going too far. 

“I know getting an outline or having someone proofread and make some changes to your paper isn’t as sexy as having them do it for you, but that’s the best way to get help and not risk your academic reputation,” he says. 

In light of the Varsity Blues scandal, KP might be onto something as the tutoring industry will face more scrutiny in years to come. 

Who are the tutors at Killer Papers?

According to the owner, Killer Papers tutors represent some of the most elite academic writers in North America. KP and his team go through hundreds of applicants and select only the most qualified. They look at credentials like GPA, the college that an applicant attended, sample work, resumes, and references, among other things. All writers must verify their identity before joining the team. 

“What sets Killer Papers writers apart from a lot of tutoring companies out there is that we’re all native-English speakers. A lot of sites will outsource their tutoring operation to other countries where the labor is cheaper, but that often leads to lower quality. And when it comes to your grades, you don’t want to play games and go with the cheapest provider”. 

KP estimates that his team is about 40 strong at this time and is steadily growing. The goal is 100 tutors by 2021.

As for the customers? They’ve got more than 14,000 registered users on their site. 

“It’s a growing business. The education technology space is rapidly advancing, and everyone wants a piece of the pie. I hire only the best because I know that when customers are happy, they tell their friends. And when they’re mad, they tell everyone. Word of mouth is how we’re going to keep winning.”

Killer Papers has done more than $2M in sales over the years and has lofty ambitions for the future. “I’d like to think we’ll be a household name someday, the same way Chegg is. If they can build a multi-billion-dollar business, maybe I can, too.”

In the meantime, KP says that he’s going to focus on continuing to be a top-tier and ethical resource for students who are struggling with full plates.

“These kids have relationships, jobs, school, homework, sports, families, and you name it. They’re busy as hell. It’s a tough job being a student, so we’re here to help in any way we can.” 

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