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Greg Gray Learned From His Own Experience With Bad Credit And Is Now Helping People Repair Their Own

Now more than ever, it is important to have good credit. The pandemic has hurt many people financially and their credit suffers along with it. Greg Gray learned how serious this was when he lost his job while going through a difficult time in his family already. His business started as a journey for his own self-improvement, but he soon realized that others could use the same help.
“My business really started from me wanting to improve my personal credit during that process I got laid off from my 9-5. After being fired during a rough time in my life, I never wanted to work for another person again while my mom was battling cancer.” Remembers Greg.
Now, Greg spends his time trying to teach others how to manage their own credit. He is even trying to help prepare people to financially survive the pandemic. He had a difficult time getting his business off the ground because he needed to get people to believe in him as he started this new venture. His family and friends were not behind him at first.
“My most difficult task was proving my peers and family wrong. Some people doubted I’d be able to start a successful business on my own. My advice is to give it your all and never give up on yourself. If you believe in your success, that’s all that matters.” Advises Greg.
Most of the time, Greg is helping people understand their credit to help build their own future businesses. Most recently, he published an ebook titled, “The 750 Blueprint, How to Restore and Rebuild Your Credit to a 750 Fico.” This summer, he will be releasing another ebook, titled “The 750 Blueprint, How to leverage a 750 Fico To Obtain 0% Funding.” Greg understands that in this time of crisis, his skills and knowledge of how to manage finances and leverage credit are particularly important because of how hard the crisis has been for many people financially. He wants to do all he can to make a difference in people’s lives even if it is from a distance.
“My First ebook was called ‘5 Essential Steps to Financially Survive the Pandemic by Leveraging Credit.’ I hope to discuss more about this in my future podcast ‘Financial Tips and Champagne Sips’ that I am planning to put out in the future.” Says Greg.
What makes Greg different from other credit assistance firms is that they end up hurting people in the long term by leaving them worse off than they were before. Greg is actually interested in helping people change their situations in life. Both via his credit repair business and his ebook, he teaches strategies for people to understand their credit.
“Most people that offer the same services really only help people get negative and derogatory accounts removed from credit and nothing more. But me, I actually teach people strategies on how to leverage their credit to take it to the next level by creating multiple streams of income and help them fund their own businesses.” Explains Greg.
For anyone who wants to start their own business, Greg recommends following three basic steps that will help lead to your success. In addition, he recommends having a good mindset to ensure that you remain motivated and passionate about the business you are trying to create and not just doing it for the money.
“The three steps I recommend for anyone trying to start a business are: repair your credit, get over 700 plus credit score, obtain 0% funding. In addition, mindset is very important. If you aren’t motivated or have a passion for your niche, then it’s likely you will shift focus if you don’t see success in the beginning stages of owning a business.” States Greg.
For more information on Greg Gray’s journey, click here.
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