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Goodness Kombucha- The first Kombucha brewers in Kolkata!


Kombucha is an aged, daintily bubbly, sweetened dark or green tea refreshment. Overflowing with medical advantages, it’s an excellent source of gut amicable probiotics, anti-oxidants and B Vitamins. Seasoned with real fruits, no additional sugar, Kombucha is the ideal healthy, low-calorie drink.

Kombucha is produced using three key ingredients- tea, sugar and SCOBY, which is a Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast which helps in fermentation. The specific birthplace of Kombucha isn’t known however it is said to have begun around 2000 years prior. It was consumed in East Russia and Mongolia during the 1900s and spread to the United States during the 21st century.

Around 3 years prior, Neha Garodia was traveling through California when she saw that each grocery store she went into had a segment committed to Kombucha. This was her first prologue to the drink and it truly provoked her interest. She adored the flavor and the healthy way of life Kombucha proliferated.

On getting back to Kolkata, she wanted to keep making the most of her new enslavement, yet there appeared to be no local alternative so like every single venturesome individual, she chose to brew her own.


The first brew took a ton of time and with heaps of re-thinking however subsequent to attempting consistently over many weeks, a precise preparing cycle emerged.

As the SCOBY multiplied, the measure of fermented tea that could be prepared likewise continued expanding. It went past whatever she could devour herself or gift it to her precious ones. That is when Neha chose to make her own Kombucha organization, Goodness Kombucha, around November 2019.

Neha’s Organic cotton children’s brand, Mi Dulce An’ya is well established with a loyal following, so creating Goodness turned into a new challenge for her.

Completing the food certification, keeping up hearty assembling norms, identifying reasonable packaging and simply teaching general society about Kombucha was a harder errand than she had imagined.


A typical misinterpretation which she clears up consistently is in regards to the sugar substance of Kombucha. There is without a doubt sugar utilized in the underlying fermenting cycle. Yet, this sugar is generally fermented out and a modest quantity of it really remains. Moreover, the fermented tea is seasoned with unadulterated natural organic product juice with no added sugar. This makes it a healthy and low-calorie beverage.

Individuals who wish to order goodness Kombucha can directly contact Neha or DM her on Instagram. Presently, requesting a jug of Kombucha is only a click away!

She conveys all over Kolkata. 200ml containers are estimated at just Rs.200. Fans can likewise avail the monthly membership plan of 5 containers/week at a limited cost of just Rs.3600 only.

There are weekly pivoting rotational seasonal flavors. An unsurpassed exemplary is Tom Yum, while the winter favorite has been strawberry-rosemary.

Beginning March 2021, Goodness Kombucha will likewise be available across both Nature’s Basket outlets in Kolkata.

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