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Gokul Parvinda, charting a success story being an influencer-blogger-model.

He is a lawyer by profession, but his quest to achieve bigger in life turned him into ‘Mr Elite Uttarakhand 2017’.

At the end of the day, what defines an individual are the choices that he/she makes in life. It is these choices that help people to carve their own sweet journeys to success and make a name for themselves in their area of interest. Looking around us will get us to know the number of talents that are born across industries and the kind of recognition and name they have earned purely based on their passion and perseverance. We came across one such talented youngster who by profession is a lawyer today, but the one whose quest to achieve something bigger and better in life also turned him into a sought-after influencer, blogger and a model. He is Gokul Parvinda.

Born in 1997 and hailing from the scenic Dehradun, Uttarakhand, if anything Gokul ever felt very inclined towards then it was the modelling world. Also, very early in life, he realized the significance of the digital mediums, and he believed he could be turned into a blogger and influencer as well, to reach more people and increase his prominence across mediums. However, to complete his education, he did Law and also simultaneously prepared for modelling to stay close to his passion.

What’s impressive about this spirited youngster is the fact that while he was in his third year of college, he won the prestigious title of ‘MR UTTARAKHAND 2017’, which itself proves Gokul’s commitment and his passion for achieving all his dreams. Realizing the name he earned after winning the title, Gokul thought of utilizing and optimizing the online mediums to make a unique name for himself as a blogger and influencer.

Gokul today is a fashion/lifestyle model, blogger and influencer who aced the game of law as well and did his BBA-LLB in 2020. Since the year 2016, Gokul has done many internships to gather more knowledge in law and very recently have worked with Adv. Vikram Walavalkar, Bombay HC, Consumers India – Non-Profit Organisation, Delhi, and many other advocates throughout his career in law so far.

His talents, charming looks and an attractive personality all these things and much more made Gokul, a prominent name in the modelling world. He has been a runway model for Nasir Bespoke in 2017-18, and Ardour Fashion Week for 2019. As an influencer and blogger, which Gokul considers his passion, he has so far worked with several brand campaigns. Content creation is something he lives by and wants to keep creating innovative yet relatable and trendy content that can positively influence his audiences through his lifestyle and daily routine, covering different niches of fitness, fashion, skincare, body care, health and nutrition.

For two years, Gokul even worked with ‘EMPH’, a renowned modelling agency. The success in his modelling career screams about his associations and campaign shoots for brands like Myntra Spotlight, The beauty Co., Drools, The Whole Truth Foods, The Man Company, Nasir Bespoke, Beardhood, Mt Tux and so many others. As a blogger, model and influencer, Gokul aims to work with more and more prominent brands in the future. The coveted titles and achievements, Gokul have earned so far include Mr Elite North India 2017 Finalist, Mr Elite Uttarakhand 2017, and Mr Elite Asia 2018: Groomer & Showstopper.

Gokul strongly believes that individuals must think big, and start working for making all their dreams a reality by taking the first step. To know more about this talented youngster, follow him on Instagram

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