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Glennda Baker Tips On How To Make a Six-Figure Income In Real Estate In Your First Year

Are you searching for a real-estate educator who will show you how to make money in real estate? Or are you looking for a career with high-paying potential? Becoming a real estate agent is one of the best ways you can make a six-figure income, even if you lack a college or university degree.

Real estate can help you enjoy excellent return rates, astounding tax advantages, and you can leverage real estate to help you build your wealth. 

Glennda Baker is a real-estate star. She is the founder and CEO of  Glennda Baker and Associates and an associate broker at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Georgia Properties. “I am honored to lay out the backdrop for people’s lives. Real estate is not just my job, it is also my life,” says Glennda, as she brings her brand of glitter to Atlanta’s real estate market. She specializes in the buying and selling of homes all over the Atlanta area. Her rich and extensive knowledge in marketing allows her to sketch the property to sell and minimize its time on the market. This guru brings a superior networking skill to increase traffic and expedite the sale of her client’s home.

Here are a few tips that Glennda shares to help you make a six-figure income in your first year in the real-estate industry. 

Develop a six-figure mindset

You need to develop behaviors that will help you feel unstoppable. Work on your mindset – especially your money mindset and redefine the meaning of financial success.

When Glennda changed her mindset, she focused on the vitality and love she had for her business. Her team of coaches and the Tom Ferry ecosystem brought her into a stratosphere she could only dream about. She managed to sell 68 houses a year after developing a positive mindset through coaching, up from 38 homes she had sold the previous year. Today, Glennda works smarter and more efficiently. She enjoys balance and a quality of life she had never realized before. 

Watch Your Expenses And Discover Your Profit Potential

As a real estate agent, you always need to check your expenses, especially advertising costs. Sites such as Zillow can cost a lot. Understand that the amount of money you use in each transaction is the amount of money you won’t earn overall. You can choose an easy-to-find online presence that isn’t too costly. You can also add agents, who somewhat have lower costs, but earn lower commissions. This secret is one way you can add income without extra work. 

Before diving into your real estate business, you need to know if people are willing to pay for your services or products. Please get to know how much they are willing to pay for. How can you make your products or services better? Also, focus on making people’s lives more comfortable with your business. For Glennda, her clients not only become her friends, but her family. Her clients raise their families in the home she sells them. To be precise, her homes become the backdrop of their life memories, and in the process, she maintains a large income flow throughout the year. 

Demonstrate Your Expertise And Skills

Glennda has a rich experience of two and a half decades in residential sales and marketing. She has developed her skills from coaching programs, including the Tom Ferry coaching program. The program trains real-estate professionals, which has helped Glennda add value to buyers, sellers, and others. She has learned how to articulate her degree of separation from her competition. Other skills she has learned include calling – this champion makes calls with a purpose and for a purpose, and professionally runs her business.  

To make a six-figure income in real estate, position yourself as an expert. You can demonstrate your skills and expertise through video, audio, or written content that inspires, informs and entertains your audience or clients. Choose a platform to share your knowledge and information and keep your audience interested. Persistent skill demonstration is vital to staying top to your potential clients and customers. 

Final Thoughts

These tips have made Glennda head an all-female team, guiding her agents to obtain their full career goals. She has managed to have the highest per agent production within Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Georgia Properties. Glennda’s team has also been ranked the #7 team across all Atlanta companies. 

If you want to succeed in your real-estate industry and earn a six-figure income within the first year, then focus on exceptional client service to accomplish this monumental achievement.










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