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Freedom of Information should always rest on the pillars of objectivity. – Nihshank on launching the Gambit Enclave


Freedom of Information should always rest on the pillars of objectivity. – Nihshank on launching the Gambit Enclave.

The World realizes the need to commit to the United Nations Sustainable Development goals today.
The universality of the issue calls for a combined/collective response. The 2030 Agenda is not limited to a particular nation it represents an integrated and transformative vision for the entire world. In response to the call for taking action by the United Nations, the youngster from India has launched India’s first solution-driven ecosystem. “Transparency, accountability have been the key pillars for a strong and just institution. We will ensure full commitment to the UNSDGs, with a special emphasis on Target 16.10 of ensuring public access to information. Informed decision-making is essential in every aspect of life. The contemporary Afghani turmoil and takeover by the Taliban is the perfect example of why the world needs to commit to a justice-based value system and emphasize stronger institutions. A paramount reason why we have included the call for publications as a part of our ecosystem is to invite people to contribute to freedom of information. Most parts of the media and primetime news shows are dedicated to a biased analysis of any issue of socio-political or legal relevance. Instead of simply picking sides the media should focus on different aspects of the issue at hand and provide relevant details on the same. Freedom of information should always rest on the pillars of objectivity”. Nihshank rightly points out the importance of objectivity in the promotion of freedom of information. The policies for sustainable development under goal 16 highlight the role of public access to information as per national and international agreements. We need more youngsters to come up today and contribute to the attainment of the SDG 30 mission. In the words of Kofi Annan – “Our biggest challenge in the new century is to take an idea that seems abstract – sustainable development – and turn it into a reality for all the world’s people”.

The Gambit Enclave has laid down the E3 Principle as its vision for commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Mission of 2030. The E3 Principle (Education, Empowerment, and Enrichment) has been developed as the organization’s cornerstone for its existence and growth.

Education is critical for the development and progress of any society. It is vital to be aware of and objectively grasp the world’s legal and socio-political changes in order to make educated decisions. Gambit Enclave intends to to use education as a powerful tool to help young people all around the world enhance their knowledge, develop their values, and cultivate critical thinking.

Empowerment – The concept of empowerment is based on psychological and social considerations. We want to recognize the deserving, encourage the talented, and assist those who work hard to achieve their dreams and goals. We assist people in developing their confidence and leadership skills. The aim is to help people across the world and bridge the existing borders by providing an independent assessment of the constantly evolving justice system. We are dedicated to removing the stigmas and hurdles that exist against ensuring fundamental human rights and empowerment of mankind.
Enrichment – “You are here in order to enable the world to live more amply, with greater vision, with a finer spirit of hope and achievement. You are here to enrich the world. – Woodrow Wilson. Gambit Enclave promises to promote and support a variety of lifestyles and unconventional career paths that support humanitarian values. The organization believes that accurate information should be disseminated through research and communication to truly enrich people. We also plan to engage with various cultures and communities in order to enrich the world and contribute to the creation of a sustainable and prosperous eco system. We are committed to advocating for peace and hope to form enduring partnerships in this regard.

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