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Meet the One-Stop-Shop For Your Skin Care Needs – FruitShea Butter

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In a world where health is an investment, people have forgotten the importance of maintaining healthy skin and the basic physiological need, which is NUTRITION. Little do we know that skin cells need a balanced diet of its own, and many companies failed to acknowledge or take action about it, much more in the cosmetic industry. Another point that was taken for granted was the idea that skincare needs vary from one person to another, so no treatment, concoction, or mixture applies to all. When all other companies are focusing on their revenues, one company addresses them all – FruitShea Butter.

FruitShea Butter Company

FruitShea Butter is a non-profit company that caters to the needs of every healthy skin and those suffering from mild to severe skin disorders such as eczema, hyperpigmentation, acne, wrinkles, puffy eyes, dark circles, flaky skin, blemishes, and so much more. The company acknowledges that skincare is as important as keeping the body healthy. The skin is the largest organ in the human body, and it is the first line of defense against harmful substances and pathogens. Starting the proper skincare regimen early helps the skin as it ages. NOURISHMENT is the secret to a healthy glowing and a younger-looking you. It is never too late to start. The company’s motto revolves around making small impacts that will create a ripple, which subsequently creates a significant change in the world.

The Brilliant Mind Behind FruitShea Butter

FruitShea Butter is owned and managed by one of the most promising entrepreneurs of today’s generation – Chante’ Deese. She devoted her life to studying mother nature starting at a very young age, paying particular research on herbalism, fruit coding, and alchemy. Her unwavering determination is parallel to none. With her desire to continue running the company as a non-profit organization, she took up and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Non-profit management. She started the business with a vision of creating something that will heal the spirit, ease the mind, and find inner peace. 

Skin Care Products and Services

The company’s products are vegan friendly and organic. It is as hypoallergenic as it can be, meaning anyone can use it from newborns to geriatric individuals – thus, you should not worry about any side effects your skin. FruitShea Butter is packed with nutrients that range from fruits, vegetables, and herbs. They make sure that these substances are mixed and broken down into absorbable molecules for skin consumption based on the consumer’s need and preference.

As they stand on the importance of the skin’s nourishment, adding these natural and organic elements makes sure of the balance for the nutritive intake of the skin cells. They have created product lines to cater to the preferences of their consumers, such as the Fountain of Melanin, which focuses on eradicating or minimizing the effects of aging on the skin and the Natural Inhairentce, which is a hair serum for hair and beard growth, compacted for hair nourishment.

Recently, they decided to offer a full kit, consisting of:

  • Enchanted Shea Butter (sealed on top with a candle of your choice)
  • Golden Melanin Soap
  • 2-in-1 Cleanse and Reset (shampoo/conditioner)
  • Natural Lip Pop Smack Balm
  • El Coco Honey Loko Wax, Coffee Scrubrise
  • Waist beads
  • A bottle of water
  • Boss Moss Royalty.

Standing Out Among Many

Unlike their competitors who are only interested in sales, FruitShea Butter is client-centered. They are focused on everyone’s individual needs and wants. No mass production is done, unlike other companies. Their products take time to be manufactured because they make sure that they only provide top quality products made from the best ingredients. Additionally, consultation over the phone is done, followed by explaining all the benefits of each product based on the assessment done. From this point, it is up to the consumers to decide the components of their skincare kit.

FruitShea Butter gives its customers the chance to have something that works specifically for their skin. Also, they make sure that they walk with you on your journey as skin rehabilitation does not happen overnight. Their client-seller relationship does not end after sales; rather, it is just the beginning until the users’ needs are met and fully satisfied with the RESULTS of the skincare journey. The company’s values shine towards community development. Some of their proceeds are shared with the local community and an African village where their shea butter is being created. 

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