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From content creation to content management a bitter- sweet journey of Sandhya Thakur

Sandhya Thakur, a Delhi University alumna found her calling in content creation and now is on a journey to revolutionise the industry for good. A dynamic, strong woman- she’s carved out her own path. Sandhya says- “The content world is filled with individuals from all corners of the world. Content has no border and we use that to our advantage. We at Team Multipliers don’t worry about competition, we aim at providing new and quality infused work.”

Sandhya’s journey was not easy and content creation was not her first choice, definitely not for her family who always wanted her to be a lawyer. Her father arranged meetings with various esteemed lawyers to ignite the spark for law in her consciousness, but she could not begin to like that profession. She was always interested in creating something.

When she started working on a firm handled content work, she realised the vast range of changes she could bring in this industry. Ideas flowed through her mind and she turned to YouTube as a medium to unleash her creativity but that did not turn out the way she has imagined. But she believed in her change making ability and started with Musical.lymaking bits of content which were liked by many. She continued her creative creation on various other platforms.

She understood the magic and management of this platform and therefore, along with her friend- Mr. Vishal Dhaiya- she founded ‘Team Multipliers’ – a talent management and influencer marketing agency, based in New Delhi.

Team Multipliers works with a lot of apps like- Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Trell and Helo. The main structure of this innovative venture of Sandhya is to bridge the gap between the influencer industry and the brand world. Her firm provides the right influencer from her circle to the right brand for the most appropriate idea- thus spreading information to the people in a very calibrated and precise manner. She has collaborated with more than 2000 influences from various genres- health, comedy, dance, singing, makeup, motivation, bollywood etc.

Sandhya believes in hard work fueled with passion. She says nothing can wrong with this combination. There have been times when she was paid less for more work and sometimes not paid at all, but she’s taken every occasion as a learning. She believes learning never stops and it’s an ongoing journey of learning from our mistakes and also from our success.

Today, it’s been 5 years since she’s started content creation and content management. There’s no looking back for her. She’s found her voice. Next, she plans to launch her own makeup line– one that will be on a very unique concept. Her courage in the face of stereotypes and hurdles is very inspiring and we hope she continues to create her dreams into reality!

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