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From Broke To Private Jets With Multi-Millionaire Gabbo Cosentino

Gabbo Cosentino

There was a time when Gabbo Cosentino and his brother Mik was living in a tiny studio apartment without heating in Rome, begging for change money to afford their train tickets to home. Do you want to learn how two former swimmers of the Italian national swimming team went from broke to launch a multi-millionaire info-marketing business in less than two years? I asked them.

From Begging To Booming

Have you ever wanted to build your info-marketing business, but are you still on the fence? Did you ever find yourself thinking about launching that one video course you haven’t even filmed yet?

Gabbo and Mik didn’t lay on their couch, hoping for the money to rain over their heads. Gabbo Cosentino and Mik Cosentino decided they wanted to take advantage of this $355 Million Per Day Industry. 

It took only 18 months from their first product launch to get to the €1,000,000 (ONE MILLION!) mark, making Gabbo a millionaire before 25 and Mik before 30.

At the moment I’m writing this. Their company InfomarketingX surpassed the 3 million euro mark, and it’s the largest info-marketing community in Italy with over 1500 paying clients and over 500 video testimonials of success.

Gabbo Cosentino and Mik Cosentino worked with other big players like Stefano Versace, Dr. Antonio Panico, Mirko Gasparotto, and Bryan Tracy for the Italian market.

The Hidden Power of the Internet

It’s incredible how a smartphone (or a laptop) and an internet connection can do for millions of people that want to start working online as a side hustle or a full-time job.

Right now, we can connect with people from the other side of the planet… just with a few clicks. Imagine how powerful it is to build a business around what you love and what you are good at…

…then sell digital products to people who you never met you before but love what you do and decided to invest. Then multiple that by thousand times more. You do the math. 

Social Media is King

Gabbo Cosentino and Mik Cosentino have discovered that the Secret To Creating Massive Impact And Massive Profit is selling Info products.  As Gabbo and Mik said, a lot of the traffic comes from social media, both organic and paid. You have to go where your ideal clients gather: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc. These two brothers are living proof that all you need to succeed is wifi and a dream. Gabbo Cosentino and Mik Cosentino now have the best selling book on Amazon “Clients at Cost Zero” and have spoken on stages all over the world. They teach how info products can transform both your business and your life. 

Gabbo Cosentino and Mik Cosentino have +500 video testimonials of students that built their business from scratch and now are full-time infopreneur. I don’t know who you are, but I know that in 2020 you cannot afford to lose your job, or you’ll go broke.

This is the time to break your chains, get out of the 9-5 rat race, and start living the laptop lifestyle. This is the time to get back your life.

N.1 Personal Branding Expert in Italy. Manage the Personal Branding & PR of Influencers with Over 100K Followers and Digital Entrepreneurs worth over €100K ⚡

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