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From an obese child to gaining multiple qualifications in fitness- Journey of ABHINAV MALHOTRA

From an obese child to gaining multiple qualifications in fitness- Journey of ABHINAV MALHOTRA

Every moment and day has been a struggle for him and it continues to be, having come from an obese upbringing and all kinds of metabolic and joint-related disorders to being one of the well-known PTs in Dubai. It has been a herculean and persistent mission, from improving his health & fitness to getting trained in various fields of fitness & health, to working hard, to demonstrating to people that fitness is a fantastic career choice. He is tired, sleepless, and depressed at times, but he has a mission in hand & the show must go on.

Abhinav Malhotra, born and brought up in Faridabad, India is an award-winning personal trainer, coach, and sports nutritionist in Dubai, UAE, and founder of

AbhiFit, which is a personal training company.

When he was in India, he collaborated with the world’s leading fitness chains, supplements brands and founded his own fitness academy. He has accomplished successes and trained the Indian Army Rugby Squad with many clients from all backgrounds. He is also the first competitor from India in the International Kettlebell Sport Competition.

He owns his own personal fitness business under the name of AbhiFit Personal Training & Coaching Services for Nutrition. With his team of specialist personal trainers under his brand, AbhiFit, he offers personal fitness, online coaching, and diet consulting services in Dubai. On all targets, ranging from weight reduction, muscle and power gain, athletic success, medical disorders, and injury recovery, he and his team of experts offer high-quality science-based Personal Fitness & Online Coaching services.

So, after experiencing a big financial loss in his family business, he came to Dubai 5 years ago with his entire family. His family included his parents, his wife and little girl, who was one year old,  his brother, and his family. Finding a career and earning bread and butter for the family was the immediate focus. Fitness First, Festival City was good enough to give him a personal trainer job, and that’s how his fitness trip began in Dubai (in Feb 2016).

Seeking consumers in a highly demanding world was the immediate challenge. You also need clients to train and show them your job, no matter how good you are as a PT. He worked (and still does) 18 hours a day and continued working from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m. at night.

After 5 years of grinding, he feels grateful today that he can do a lot of what he once dreamed of. There are always miles to go, but he feels like he’s heading in the right direction. Not only did he win a reputation and income, but he has also now opened his own personal training business with more trainers working with him under the name of AbhiFit. The aim is to make ABHIFIT the name synonymous with “BEST PERSONAL TRAINING IN UAE”.

His complete list of qualifications in fitness is as follows:

  •   Ongoing – MNU (Mac Nutrition University – Sept’20 intake)
  •   Ongoing – N1 Trainer Certification by Kassem Hanson
  •   REPs level 4 – Lower Back Pain specialist
  •   REPs level 3 (Diploma) – Exercise Referral Specialist
  •   REPs – Level 3 (YMCA) Certified in Personal Training
  •   Certified in Personal Training from K11 School Of Fitness Sciences
  •   Certified in Advanced Personal Training for Special Population from K11
  •   IKSFA (Russia) – Certified Kettlebell Sport Coach – Level 1
  •   IKFF (USA) – Certified in Kettlebell, Bodyweight & Mobility Training
  •   CrossFit – Level 1 Coach
  •   Stick Mobility – Level 1
  •   Brain-Based Fitness Course – Level 1 by BodyHack UAE
  •   Z-Health Education – Essentials of Elite Performance
  •   Z-Health Education – The Breathing Gym
  •   The Oxygen Advantage online certification
  •   BodyHack UAE – Neural Assessments Level 2
  •   Rehab Revolution – Movement Coach Level 1
  •   Clean Health & Fitness Institute – Strength Systems Level 1 by Sebastian Oreb


  •   Functional Medicine Coaching Academy – Men’s Health Course
  •   Certified in Basic Massage Therapy from K11
  •   EBFA (USA) – Barefoot Training and Kinesio Taping
  •   Attended numerous workshops Nutrition, Supplementation, Strength & conditioning, Rehab in the

last 9 years across India and UAE.


He has won the UAE MALE PERSONAL TRAINER OF THE YEAR (Silver) in 2019 and has been nominated in the Top 10 Personal trainers in UAE 3 years in a row from

2018, 2019, and 2020. He was also titled the ‘first and only’ ELITE MASTER TRAINER in the biggest gym chain in the middle east – Fitness First Middle East.

He has also been multiple times on Radio channels, has been a columnist for popular magazines and newspapers, and featured in many media in UAE & INDIA. Surely there is more success to grab in his way.

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