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From Rock Bottom to Building Multi-Million Dollar Businesses: Meet Frankie Quiroz

The great thing about real success stories is that they usually involve starting from scratch, falling, and getting back up again. The most successful brands and products took years of experience, failures, and hard work to become what they are today. This triumphant series of events is precisely how Frankie Quiroz achieved success by coming from a family who struggled financially to building one of the most successful car and street apparel brands in the country today. 

Frankie Quiroz is the founder of Tuned in Tokyo and Drip Creationz and is a serial eCommerce success story sure to inspire anyone who wants to make it big in any industry. Here he shares his insights on building a successful brand from virtually zero resources and how to build a product that resonates with customers. 

Starting From Scratch: Why Your Limits Don’t Matter 

Quiroz started from virtually nothing, but he knew he wanted to be a success. He was born in a small town in Riverside, California, to working-class parents who often struggled to make ends meet. However, he was determined to be independent, and so he started working at a young age. Like any other young person, he started from the bottom, working as a designer for anything from apparel to mixtape covers until his designs caught the eye of famous rap celebrities who were also producing their merchandise. He took all of these opportunities to work to invest in his clothing brand and street team. 

Today he owns and operates a global business that has a social network of 30 million followers, employing 30+ talented people housed in a 7,000 sq. Ft. head office. His brand has a significant online presence, and the company earns 8-figures annually. He achieved all these because starting from nothing meant that he had nothing to lose. This made it easier to aim for the ultimate success of his business. He has also gone into digital marketing and strategy, channeling all that he has learned in building his empire to help other entrepreneurs with their digital marketing strategy and eCommerce infrastructure. 

Facing Obstacles Head-on 

People who reach the highest levels of success do so by continuously leaping over obstacles and pushing back boundaries. Frankie Quiroz is no stranger to setbacks. He acknowledges that he has his fair share of hurdles that he had to hurdle through, from money problems to mental challenges that threatened to sap his motivation. There were so many times when he contemplated growing up, if not for his unique take on what these challenges were meant to do. 

The secret is knowing that these obstacles aren’t there to stop you. They are designed to push you to your limits so you keep improving your craft, your product, and your brand so you can come out on top. There were times when he felt so down because he was struggling emotionally, mentally, and financially. Fortunately, he had a sound support system among family and friends who believed in the potential of his brand and products, and he was able to bounce back. 

The Secret to Success: Understand Your Customers 

Creating a successful brand and product from scratch doesn’t just involve dogged determination. It also requires having the right product that people want. According to Quiroz, the secret to his success lies in having a unique insight into what customers want. 

Having a deep understanding of who the target demographic is, what they want from their clothing and what they like to see is essential in creating a brand and product that resonates with the right audience. If you have this, you won’t need to push your brand aggressively. Your clients will see that this is what they want, and they will gravitate to you. 

Limitations don’t define a person’s ability to achieve success. Frankie Quiroz came from a family who struggled to put food on the table, and Frankie has been able to accomplish some vast accomplishments despite having every odd against him. Frankie knew the importance of hard work , building  credibility and perseverance. Those attributes led Frankie to where he is today. 



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