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Meet Gaurav Pawar an Eminent Fitness Entrepreneur & Founder of – Its all about Journey


Gaurav Pawar, the founder of It’s All About Journey, had a dream to change the meaning of the fitness world, transform this field for the improvement of this world. And today Gaurav Pawar and the entire Team at ‘ It’s All About Journey” is victoriously walking on this path.

Long back, when Gaurav Pawar was in his twenties busy transforming himself, on daily basis, he came around such people, who were getting discouraged when not able to achieve their goal, due to which they begin to drop off their journey in middle. Even you can be be one of them.

Its All About Journey the wellness driven firm is established by Gaurav Pawar; who was once a dropout from Engineering who advanced toward turning into a fruitful Entrepreneur. “I generally had needed to change the existences of individuals, and there could be no other preferable instrument over Fitness and Wellbeing to do that”, he said.

Everything began when a kid from a well off family having a place from rural areas of Aurangabad, Maharashtra attempted to break the dividers that he had worked for himself. Like the greater part of the researchers the time has seen, Gaurav was conceded in B.E after effectively finishing his twelfth grade. It was in his second year of Engineering in February 2016 that he ventured into a rec center unexpectedly and began working out, and he hasn’t thought back since. He felt a powerful urge to look further into Fitness and Nutrition, and seek after his vocation in it.

Fiteen splendid personalities are adding to the development of this organization, night and day. The organization has offered work to various youthful experts. It unquestionably has set a huge model before individuals that an enthusiastic individual can discover achievement in any calling.

Everything’s about venture, has been working effectively in conveying wellness to a wide range of individuals, with different body types and medical issue; who have a place with a few age gatherings, by teaching them about wellness and prosperity; Workout, Nutrition, and Mindset preparing assuming a crucial part in this. With the progressive work out regimes like Manifestation 21, Post M21 and Affirmation 90, the organization has changed existences of over multiple hundred individuals in the previous two years in India and across the globe. ‘At some point, Fitness and Nutrition will be perhaps the most pursued vocation in India.’ is the target that makes Gaurav push the way for other impending experts.

Social obligation is something that has been taken most extreme consideration of by It’s about venture. The organization makes gifts to contribute towards saving the existences of creatures (names kept up with private).

Gaurav anticipates changing more lives in future in the best of the manner in which he can.


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