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Find out how Charanjit Singh Sehmbi has been Changing people’s life by his fitness expertise!

 “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act but a habit.” —Aristotle

These are truly the word everyone should live by. Charanjit Singh Sehmbi heavily emphasise on checking own self’s lifestyle. If you are stationary, don’t eat properly you will have weak body, tired out muscles and very low energy personality. People always ignore health over their job and other stuff while now knowing this can seriously affect their job and day to day stuffs. It’s a simple fact that you cannot work and progress if you are sick. This is why Charanjit Singh Sehmbi has started a health awareness campaign through social media to reach to people and aware them of health, nutrition and diet-related issues. 

Charanjit Singh Sehmbi is born and raised in a moderate family but since his childhood he has passion for fitness and workout. Later he became expert in diet, nutrition and health, and with combine knowledge of physical workout he was able to create his own fitness regime which can be easily adapted by anyone. Starting from friends and family, now hundreds of people have been benefited from his personal training and many more learn something new from him though his social media interactions. Belonging to common people, he knew it is difficult for people to follow strict fitness regime so he give out fitness plan which suit people with their job and daily life routine. 

Charanjit Singh describes two main components of his fitness regime- Diet and workout. While a proper diet will make sure you avoid empty calories and stay healthy, physical workout will make you fit and strong. To elaborate on diet, it simply means taking proper breakfasts, lunch and dinner. Now what you eat is also important. It is necessary to take protein, fibres and vitamins in sufficient amount on daily basis. If you cannot follow strict timely diet you can also go for food supplement which are regarded as completely safe, even for children. A proper diet can work like a miracle and you will soon shed weight easily while not feeling weak. 

Physical workout is always a plus for your lifestyle. Even if you are in great shape you need exercise to stay in shape and be strong physically. With proper diet physical exercise will yield great result and you can achieve your goal.

To learn more, follow Charanjit Singh Sehmbi through his blogs and social media.

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