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Fame Faiella Launches NFT With Music Unlockables 

Fame Faiella has recently Launched his “Long Time Coming” NFT alongside Crushtomize that featues an unlockable original Music Video , Photos , Merch and Membership to the new Discord chat.

The NFT was recently featured in Times Square in New York and is based on the debut single “Long Time Coming” that was released on Fresh Kid Ice label Chinaman Records in 2016 This project is going to start a new wave in the block chain and is available at FameFaiellaNFT

for 0.03 ETH at Opensea.

Disrupt C.E.O Anthony Delgado agrees with Fame Faiella that NFT is the future and will in the next 5-20 years takeover the market in terms of becoming a new way of Money and Life. the Future is now.

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