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Experience Exponential Growth in Sales with E-commerce SEO

E-commerce SEO is the key to rise sales bottom line:

The term Search Engine Optimization (SEO) needs no introduction as this is the evergreen buzzword in this digital arena. It is the prominent approach used for brand awareness, to gain organic traffic and boost rankings in search engine results page (SERP). Every product catalog of the e-commerce business websites needs to be optimized so that people find them on the top of SERP for the relevant keywords and to raise the bottom line.

“A good ranking e-commerce website is a sales winner”

Is organic SEO still matters?

Yes! Though new marketing trends and technologies are evolving and emerging, SEO will never die. Only the best e-commerce website development company can craft your website SEO-friendly and user-friendly.

The SEO of the e-commerce website is like the foundation of a building. The foundation can’t be removed even if you add multiple floors to the building. Likewise, many new strategies come and go but all can work well only if they are attuned with SEO. And this free organic traffic gains potential sales for online stores.

Though SERP is a mix of both organic and paid results, SEO is the evergreen ranking factor of search engines among all the digital marketing services. Devote yourselves to the search engine optimization strategies that include on-page, off-page, local, and technical SEO.

E-commerce SEO services include

  • Producing quality and relevant content
  • Gaining backlinks
  • Optimizing the site (content, images, videos, catalogs, keywords)
  • Mending the broken links
  • Incorporating meta tags

How to establish the SEO foundation so that it holds a skyscraper?

As seasons and environment changes, a building is prone to rain, sun, mist, etc. Likewise, a website is prone to frequent changes in Google algorithms and SEO ranking factors. So, e-commerce websites have to lay their SEO foundation that is impeccable to all these frequent changes in the factors and algorithms.

Then, how to make your site sustain and stand tall in SERP?

Before going to the solution, have a look at this long-term and zero to low-cost SEO services’ benefits.

1. Organic SEO can generate cryptocurrencies that rise brand credibility.

2. It generates ICO (Initial Coin(cost) Offerings) so that you can get global speculators or investors for your e-commerce business expansion globally.

3. It creates brand credibility and loyalty.

4. It provides a sustainable and evergreen ranking.

5. It impacts on lead generation, Ad click, and CTR.

6. It improves brand awareness and organic traffic.

7. It stretches up the bottom line.

8. It helps in getting enough and quality backlinks.

9. It improves ROI.

How these will be done?

  • Seamless https setup: As your online store keeps a huge stack of data of the customers, products, monetary transactions, and other business details, it is mandatory to keep your site more secure. So, First of all, make sure that your e-commerce website is serving the content over https because it encrypts all the data and provides impeccable security to the website and customers’ data.

The other great advantage of using “https” is it improves the website ranking. Because Google considers the https-enabled e-commerce websites worth to boost rankings.

  • Keyword Research: Any business’ SEO starts with keyword research. Relevant and high search volume keywords relevant to e-commerce are the winners to gain more traffic. Keyword Analysis, brainstorming, using keyword tools like Google’s keyword planner, Ahrefs are the sure-shot ways to get the winning keywords that rises the organic traffic. Utilize long-tail keywords for more traffic.
  • Optimization (on-page): As 90% of people search for products online and the SERP matters to them, optimize the keywords in the URL, headers (H1 and H2), content, title, description. Doing it for every product in the online store is helpful for broad exposure to e-commerce products.
  • Optimization (off-page): The number of quality backlinks is the assets to gain brand credibility. A high-rank site will get more exposure, mentions, traffic which helps in boosting ranks in SERP.
  • Invest in local SEO: All the online stores need to do local SEO because local traffic gains you more traffic and sales. In SERP, your business will be displayed along with the location and products. It makes the customer locate your physical store easily. Performing local SEO for each keyword will gain online stores many prospects. Besides, the local links boost their domain authority (DA).
  • Content is the key: Producing rich and fresh content is the key to a business’ success. The stellar content about each product catalog gives stellar results in the buying decisions of online shoppers.
  • Mend the broken links: There will be countless SEO issues (error pages and dead links) for a website. If you didn’t repair them, you lose traffic hence sales. Because your site is the platform where the customer gets what they want. If the landing pages for your products broken, then you lose customers.
  • Technical SEO: It helps search engine bots in crawling and indexing a website so that it can be helpful in improving organic rankings. Make sure that avoid “technical” issues in the website such as duplicate content, deep pages that are more than 3 clicks away from customers, cannibalization errors, etc. Mend all these to reduce the cart abandonment rate and to increase the sales volume.

All these SEO tactics are not unknown to you, but practicing them makes your site perfect. Avoid all the e-commerce SEO mistakes that affect your site rankings. If you don’t optimize your site for search engines to find you, there will be no point for customers to stay on your site. Performing the above SEO strategies boosts your sales and profits.


Though the organic SEO takes a maximum of 6 months to move your ranking upward, it gives sustainable ranking for your online store website.

Hire the e-commerce SEO company that provides cutting-edge digital marketing strategies for your web store so that your site will get both traffic and ranking. Though e-commerce SEO seems simple, it is complex by many inter-related things. However, if you put effort into effective strategies continuously, the results will blow your mind.

Isabella Rossellini is a marketing and communication expert. She also serves as content developer with many years of experience. She has previously covered an extensive range of topics in her posts, including business and start-ups.

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