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Excellence is a Prerequisite whether it be in Politics or Digital Marketing, Kaka Sahil Thakral sets an Inspirational example for everyone.

Digital Marketing which is also known as online marketing has become a successful platform that has succeeded in capturing the attention of many people. It is an easy way to reach new customers in no time. It conducts marketing activities. It is an evolving field that goes through continuous development which in turn, develops the technology.

Kaka Sahil Thakral, in his early thirties stands as the youngest candidate of Member of Parliament, from Hisar Loksabha,2019. His native village Jamalpur, Haryana has never witnessed such a young passionate achiever like him who not only thinks out of the box but also sets a new benchmark for upcoming vibrant youth. He has also contested in Vidhan Sabha Election From Hansi, Haryana in 2019 and successfully served as the State President of Sapaks Party of Haryana.

Professionally, he has played an exemplary role in various fields of work like brand management,l consulting, brand promotion, and political marketing.

Ultimately, years of constant hard work paid and brought him the biggest roles he always envied for. The year 2019 was of great significance to him as it brought him the title of the best Digital Marketer from the higher Education Minister Mr. Jitu Patwari. Indian Research Foundation also named him the best digital marketer Of Madhya Pradesh in 2019.

On one hand, where people aren’t even aware of their efficacy, Kaka Sahil Thakral on the other hand, utilized his potential in a positive manner. He has never failed to inspire others. He believes in the acquisition and sharing of knowledge. Thus, by adhering to his principles he laid the foundation of ‘Make Digital World Easy’- a google partner digital marketing institute in Indore which is the only institute to be approved by the Ministry of MSME, India.

He has trained over 500+ professionals through his own brand institute and IDEMI, Mumbai, and MSME Agra while using his skills to improve others.

Being a leader in the tech world, Kaka Sahil Thakral is constantly involved in building his skills. He has started his own e-commerce platform for Online Furniture with an seed funding from GKW Retail Solutions Private Limited- A Leader in Retail Market.

With digital marketing, manufacturers can reach out to their customers while being attentive to their business and needs. What are the current customer trends, what does the customer want, all these can be discussed through digital marketing? In a nutshell, digital marketing is a way to reach customers through digital technology.

Not only the youngsters but also the people in their 30s are getting inclined towards it. In short, this particular field has gained acknowledgment across generations. We have heard about people with a modern outlook turn up to fields like affiliate marketing and digital marketing but it is quite rare to come across a personality who is rooted in political parties but is also keen on exploring the modern digital world and its new branches.

I've always had a knack for storytelling! Hi there, I'm Sachin Kumar Meena. I'm an Entrepreneur, Digital Marketing expert, a copywriter and, a blogger.

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