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Everything you need to know about modified boiler-based mawa making machine

The dairy industry in India is gaining attention at a fast pace. Moreover, there are several choices which a dairy business owner can make. One of the best choices and most important one is to make mawa to make sweets. The installation of mawa making machine in the dairy plant can prove fruitful to the business in the long run. While you are looking for the machine to make mawa, you must go for the best choice. Setting it up at the milk processing plant will help your business to fulfill the demand of the customers and they will also get what they are looking for. All in all, whether you plan to start the ghee plant or any other option, it is important to get the best machine and equipment for your dairy plant.

Modified and improved mawa making machine

Mawa is an important part of making most of the Indian sweets. For this, the milk needs to be boiled till the time it is solid by heating it over the firewood. To take all this one step further and to help the business to gain profits the boiler machines are modified. By doing so, it helps in boosting the energy efficiency of the entire place.


Updation in technology to boost the productivity

It is seen that steam-based technology is gaining huge attention. In addition, the companies are coming up with the modified version to make the mawa making machine operated in the right approach. With this, it was seen the improved design which included the heat exchanger for the exhaust steam for the steam engine and then helping to feed water.


Genius approach to make the business effective

Traditionally, mawa is made in an open pan or Kadai on the firewood stove. If we talk about the commercial production method, mawa is made by heating milk with the use of steam. In addition, it is placed on the direct flame by heating it and then it is done on the boiler. But, the problem is that the system does not come with proper fitting, so steam escapes easily from the joints. Due to leakage, the effectiveness will be at stake which leads to increased steam consumption, along with more use of wood and water. Due to the increase in the steam, the boiler scaling gets in excess, and this way the effectiveness of the heat transfer will be put at stake.


Making the right choice by considering the price factor

Now! To run the business successfully, it is important to choose the right option which can help your mawa making business to run at the right pace. If you are not able to make the right choice, then you have to get professional assistance who can give you the right information about what is best for your dairy business and not. Depending on your needs they can tell you better which dairy machine and equipment is worth installing to take your business one step further.

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