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Entrepreneur Saqib Malik To Participate In Qatar Prix De L’Arc Triomphe This Year?

Saqib Malik

When anyone hears about the sport horse racing, Qatar is the place that comes to the mind first. Watching Arabian horses at The Qatar Racing and Equestrian Club is a pure delight and it is that time of the year when people get to enjoy horse racing events, horse shows and auctions. Entrepreneur Saqib Malik who is the member of the Public Relations department at the club plans to find some of the best sports personalities who will be representing Qatar internationally. “Not just horse racing, I plan to promote other sports as well for the development of the country”, said Mr Malik.

Saqib Malik who is a past master in digital marketing has promoted several brands and influencers online. And now, he is all set to do the PR of the prestigious club. The club has been associated with Frances Gallo for almost a decade. With several events of The Grand Prix happened in France, Saqib will work towards the strong ties of Qatar and France. It is a known fact that Qatar on the global forum depicts political circumstances and is also one of the most advanced Arab states when we think about human development.

Talking about his responsibility and working for The Racing and Equestrian Club, Saqib quoted, I am honoured to be a member of Public Relations of the Racing and Equestrian Club in Qatar. In these recent years, I have seen how sports has evolved on a global scale. Besides traditional sports like horse riding, Qatar is also evolving when it comes to western sports like basketball, football, swimming, golf and table tennis. Being a member of the club, I ensure to bring out the most talented and deserving sports personalities who will represent the nation.” Apart from promoting sports in the country, Mr Malik might even participate in the Qatar Prix De L’Arc Triomphe this year.

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