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Entrepreneur Debashish Talukdar Gives His Take On Dominating The Millennial Entrepreneurial Race

Twenty-one year old Debashish Talukdar is the founder and CEO of Talukdar Consulting: a marketing agency that specializes in overseeing and growing social media profiles as well as building and running targeted marketing campaigns on social media profiles to generate leads for firms and individuals 

Some time ago, Debashish and I had a chat on how he grew his business into the level it is today and how he plans on taking it to the next stage. 

I took down some notes, and that’s what I’ll be sharing in this article;

Entrepreneurial Traits.

Debashish maintains that he has no distinctive entrepreneurial trait that helps him excel in business. He shares that the only way he’s made it this far is by exhibiting a large amount of focus. 

The current millennial generation is overwhelmed by the downpour of information from social media, and because of this, most individuals can’t decide on what virtues to hold on to and what goals to pursue.

Debashish goes on to explain that once he sets his sights on a particular goal, he goes on to achieve it; without being distracted by other “novel ideas.”

A famous quote amongst very successful people says, it doesn’t matter what you do (your craft); what matters is how many times you practice what you do. And this is the adage Debashish lives by. 

“People don’t need to build rockets to be billionaires; there are billionaires out there making something as simple as Toilet paper. So it’s not what you do that matters, it’s how many times you do it.” – Debashish says.

Overcoming Challenges

Entrepreneurs face a lot of obstacles, and Debashish isn’t exempted. He recalls that the hardest hurdle he faces was that he didn’t delegate. His ego made him go all “commando” and try to do everything by himself. 

It wasn’t until he started losing clients and giving out substandard work that he realized he needed a team. He set out to build a team and delegate work according to each teammate’s profile.  

He says that the best piece of free advice he could give to someone who wants to start a business is to have a team before starting the business; it will save a lot of time and help scale your brand faster. 

Value And Principles

Debashish has been in the digital marketing industry for well over a year now and has seen a lot of success so far. He shares that his most significant achievement is his contribution to society and the people he’s helped grow.

How did Debashish achieve all of this? Well, he says that he holds three virtues dearly; patience, consistency, and execution. He believes that to win in the Macro, one has to be patient enough as good things take time to build, and without being consistent, that is nearly impossible to happen.

Words of advice

Debashish shared some words of advice he wished he had known before starting his entrepreneurial journey;

“Aspiring entrepreneurs focus on materialistic or monetary values that they forget the real meaning of success;  ” happiness and peace of mind.

Most individuals will work themselves to stupor to achieve monetary wealth that they forget to take care of themselves. Remember this, without your health; your wealth won’t matter. All you need to do is focus on what you love to do and take good care of your health.”

Moving Forward

Right now, Debashish and his team are expanding Talukdar consulting and venturing into the Information Technology sector. They are currently executing plans to penetrate this sector and hope to see great success this coming year.

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