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Emerging as one of the leading names in the software development sector is Narendra Yadav with his firm Trupex

Is not it amazing to know and learn about all those people who have strived to put in every possible effort, create opportunities for themselves and offer value to people in their chosen industries? All these individuals have something ‘different’ to offer and that is what has allowed them to become one of the leading names in their areas of interest. We came across one such young talent from Jaipur, Rajasthan, named Narendra Yadav, who showed keen interest and passion for the IT and software development sector and hence, went ahead in creating his unique niche in a very short span of time. Today, he serves as one of the youngest CEOs and Founders in the vast sector with his firm Trupex.


Thee young CEO and Founder’s grit, passion and determination have allowed his firm to come to the forefront of the IT industry
Emerging as one of the leading names in the software development sector is Narendra Yadav with his firm trupex he is an Indian Entrepreneur, Trupex is one of the rising most software development firms in India, thanks to the relentless hard work and passion that Narendra Yadav has shown all through these years to imprint his company’s name amongst the top in the ever-growing sector. It is a company that excels at web/app and email services and all those marketing services that can ramp up the progress of small businesses and startups. Narendra Yadav has had a great experience in the field of the computer software. He is a young talent who has proved his excellence in IT work, the software development, cloud the computing, CRM, ERP software, SAAS and the like.


His company Trupex has gone ahead many of its competitors in the industry with its services and abilities in launching cloud computing apps like cloud storage, e-commerce stores, CRM systems, business management software and so much more. Narendra Yadav wanted to be a part of the ever-rising IT and digital space and thus, came into existence his firm Trupex that has been doing exceedingly well with designing websites for desktops, smartphones and tablets and also offers robust digital marketing solutions like SEO, SMO, content marketing, etc.

Being a youngster, Narendra Yadav has gone beyond boundaries and has always given his best through the services of his firm Trupex, making it a favourite choice for clients and a trustworthy company in the IT and digital marketing field.

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