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With Over 1,000 Satisfied Customers, Eden’s Innovative Office Management Platform is Changing The Way Companies Manage Their Workplace

Advancement of technology has completely reshaped how organizations operate by making their business processes not only highly integrated but also more efficient. This is more so in the case of medium to large corporations. Since most large companies often encompass many people working together in office buildings, the need for technology is always apparent. Workplace technologies make work easy, reduce costs, and, at the same time, reduce the level of errors. There is a variety of solutions when it comes to choosing workplace management technology that works for you. The question, however, is; What’s the best workplace management technology for a large organization? What if there was a way to cater to all workplace needs with just one click of a button? We did our digging, and it turns out, there is a way. Large companies can and are already getting office cleaning, handyman services, IT support, and office moves taken care of by a single workplace management platform. 

Traditional vs. Modern Workplace Management

Workplace management includes all the processes of planning, organizing, guiding, communicating, directing, coordinating, and controlling the activities of a group of people working together. Traditionally, organizations were always in chaos, trying to get things done. In the past, if you were a small to medium-sized company, you would have to look for a whole bunch of service vendors by yourself. You would have to look for a cleaning service, plumbers, and technicians for everything that breaks down. Workplace managers used to face tons of challenges while doing so. 

Today, however, by utilizing innovative technology, workplace managers can now work more efficiently. From the ways of communication to the methods of solution, technology has helped businesses come a long way. All the operational and communication issues have now been simplified and streamlined with the help of new technology. At the top of the provision of technology for workplace, managers are Eden – The Workplace Management Platform. 

Saving Time, Money, and Running a Better Workplace

What Eden does is essentially provide office managers with an online marketplace of all the vendors they need to run their facilities. These include janitorial services to handymen and IT support. In addition, they also provide easy-to-use software for centralized transactions between vendor and office manager, including vendor bid collection, vendor management, and billing. The company also has hands-on account managers to ensure an unparalleled and positive client experience.

Eden is an office management company that has embraced innovative technology at its core. The kind of solution they are offering is transforming what it is like to be at work. Using Eden’s services marketplace, you can receive multiple bids on any service that you may need to run your office –– handyman work, plumbers, movers, and more. The company identifies, and onboard vendors who are recommended by real office managers in your city and complete multiple reference checks to make sure they are great. They also offer software for office managers to create work orders when their teams grow in number. It would then be easier to know what should be done and where it should be done in the office.

The Future of Workplace Management

Despite the fact that physical workplaces are not viewed as the epicenter of an organization any longer, their significance in creating and supporting organizational culture is still crucial. A culture that, in turn, enables corporate strategy and business performance. That is why it is always important to update office management practices to match up with current innovative technology. In support of that, office managers must focus on creating workplace experiences that serve the end-users with value-added working conditions and make them come to the office, not because they must be there – but because they want to be there. With an increasingly intricate demand to fulfill office management tasks, it is not recommended that office managers continue to depend on solutions that used to work as recently as five years ago. Due to the increasing penetration of powerful mobile technologies, the office is losing its centrality in an organization’s value creation. This opens up an opportunity for companies like Eden to continue revolutionizing workplace management.

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