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Ds Abhishek – Entrepreneur and Social Media Marketing Expert from India

Ds Abhishek is an Indian Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer and Social Media Influencer. He is the Founder and Owner of Dsandassociates.

Ds Abhishek is the best young Digital and Social media marketer just being a teen of 18 years. Abhishek have achieved title of Entrepreneur and Digital Marketer in a very less time span. He is already a famous name and a leading figure in the World of digital marketing mostly in UK, US with an experience of working with the top most Public Figures, Celebrities and worldwide Network which helped him to learn the essentials of digital promotions. He is also known for his Instagram Writer and one of the best instagram Influencer. He is popularly known as “love_spokes” Being an instagram popular creator, & Artist he has over 28 Thousand Followers.

He also love’s to produce music and recently he released his first track music “BEATS AT DS” an energetic beat officially on soundcloud which got good resposne by audience and they loved his track.

He is considered to be one of the the Youngest Entrepreneur & Digital Marketer from “Nashik” near by Igatpuri town. After the government announced the lockdown many Business owners lost their hopes to earn, but ds Abhishek helped them with growing their business sales and building their brand.

While studying Engineering he established his company generated $15000 in Lockdown. His company has worked across globe with many companies and public figure helping them to build their brand, He recently worked with one the instagram millionaire mentor “JasonStone” which was the biggest success for him in his career and then he kept working with many more Fashion models, Entrepreneur’s, Musical  Artists and so on he never stopped, he kept working on to get more success he more than 2000+ satisfied client’s across the countries are connected with him, mostly recognised in “USA” country. He achieved a massive milestone of ranking #1 usa Selling company agency in 2020.

Due to the importance of digital marketing in today’s social media world, Abhishek believes in providing them good service and also takes client’s work serious when dealing with their social media marketing promotions. He’s potential to deliver the work is impressive between clients who work with him and people love working with him in promoting their brands.

His statement inspired many people “he worked as an employee more than 2 months to learn the skills on how instagram works especially when you’re new to social media it takes time to cope-up, gladly I made my mindest clear to focus on it. Recently working on platforms of youtube, instagram, Spotify, twitter.

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