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Here’s How Drip Creationz Became an 8-Figure Online Fashion Empire

When it comes to the fashion world, there is one company that is creating news that goes by the name of Drip Creationz. In a short time, this company has done what many others could not. They were able to make a cut above the rest.

Drip Creationz is a multi-million dollar fashion company that deals with everything starting from footwear, apparel, and accessories, etc. This fashion company specializes in the design, development, manufacture, marketing, and sale of footwear, apparel, accessories, and all kinds of fashion equipment. With their headquarters in Riverside, California, their operations now spread all over the world.

Drip Creationz – Their Origin and Background

This fashion company has strived to achieve all its goals of becoming a trendsetter in the industry. Apparel, Footwear, and Accessories have been an obsession of its owners since childhood, and that led them to pursue their passion for creating something new. Something unique that nobody has created for a while in this competitive industry that led them to create shoes and designs that are highly creative. This passion started with an addition of embroidered roses to shoes that are already quite popular, and the sale volumes of the same have been on a constant rise.

The Obstacles Along the Way

But getting where they are was not that easy. It was never easy to keep doing what they did each day. The team at Drip Creationz believes that they are blessed to be able to create new things for their customers every day. The founders of the company – Ilene Arellano, Frankie Quiroz, and Brian Porter came from families and environments that were not so well off and were in the low-income bracket. So, getting the funds for the business and setting it up from scratch has been a difficult task. But with their rich experience in the fields of clothing, fashion, branding, and marketing, they made everything look effortless and easy. They were able to build this multi-million dollar business with literally no investors and no mentors. 

They have had their share of failures, but that did not deter their spirit. Drip Creationz took failures as their learning lessons and the experiences from their past ventures as the ideas to keep trying and innovating to create better products for their customers. They continue to innovate trends and fashion that catches the eye of their fans worldwide. 

Future Plans – Growth and Expansion

Drip Creationz has some big plans for expansion, and they are truly just beginning with their goals. Their targets are set high, and they have plans of reaching $12,000,000 million in the year 2020. They plan to give their customers the ultimate experience of a lifetime. Currently, they are working in full swing to develop their branded shoe where they have a fully functional website where the customers can pick up their designs that they wish to put on their selected shoes and so forth. The site is a made to order website which functions precisely the way a customer would want it to work. They get the options to customize, pick, and choose their designs on the shoes they want. 

The Drip Creationz Movement

At the current rate and the pace that they are growing, the Drip Creationz as a company plans to become a household name and brand for now and many more years to come. Currently, Drip is working with more than 300 influencers and celebrities across all digital and social media platforms. The idea is to ensure that everyone young and old, big and small are aware that there is a fashion company that has arrived to make an impact and make a mark. They have certainly arrived and have come with a bang, but they are here to stay. 


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