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Dr Shefali Mishra: Helping people rediscover themselves with her skills and knowledge as a renowned counselling psychologist.

Dr Mishra speaks about her take on depression and how people can overcome it.

It is high time when people come to the rescue of their own selves when it concerns not just physical health, but mental health, most importantly. Every aspect of our health is interconnected and it is extremely essential to address the issues of our health to live a life much healthier and happier. This is what Dr Shefali Mishra, renowned Counselling Psychologist believes in and professes.

Research says that around one in four people in the world suffer from mental health issues, even the World Health Organization (WHO) is of the view that when it comes to Indians, 7.5% of them suffer from some sort of mental illness. Dr Shefali Mishra has a lot to talk about the mental illness called Depression, the causes, and self-help strategies that can help us overcome the same.

Dr Mishra says that depression is when a person feels surrounded by negative moods and behavioural changes and that which affects the daily activities of people like always feeling guilty, worthless, sad, feeling to withdraw from family, friends, etc., making drastic changes in sleeping and eating habits, choosing violent behaviour, alcohol, drugs, loss of energy and interest, thoughts of death, suicide, loss of interest in pleasurable activities, etc. Dr Mishra further points out the difference between sadness and depression and how important it is to differentiate between the two. She says that sadness is a normal human emotion that anyone can experience and that which makes a person feel stressful. Many life events can make a person sad, but it is something that can usually pass with time and people can even find relief after crying or venting out things; whereas depression, on the other hand, can strike anytime.

Also, Dr Mishra points out that in most cases women are more likely to experience depression than men; however, it is also important to note that depression is a thing which can happen to anyone, even to people who appear to have been living a very happy and an ideal life.

On asking what are the causes of depression, Dr Mishra says that it may be caused by the differences in some chemicals of the brain, it can even run in families; also people having low self-esteem, or the ones who easily get affected by stress and are pessimistic in life are more prone to experience depression.

There are different levels of depression as well like mild, moderate and severe, based on the severity of various symptoms. Dr Mishra explains that mild depression is the easiest to treat and several self-help strategies can even help fight the battle of depression like proper sleep, daily exercises, choosing a balanced diet, yoga and meditation, stress-reducing activities like listening to music, reading, etc. and also talking it out to loved ones.

Moderate depression can easily be diagnosed as the daily lives are affected by the symptoms. Dr Mishra says that when a person experiences such symptoms, they must go to a counselling psychologist and if needed, can also take low dosage medications, on the consultation of a psychiatrist. Severe depression can have symptoms of mild to moderate depression, but this time the symptoms are more noticeable to all. It can last for six months or longer. For some, it may go away after a period of time, but in other cases can even be recurrent. Proper medical supervision and treatment is a necessity in such kinds of depression.

However, every problem has a solution and depression too can be treated says, Dr Mishra. She says that depression can effectively be removed from our lives by either proper counselling sessions or antidepressant medication or sometimes even a combination of both.

Dr Shefali Mishra (PhD in counselling psychology) has initiated an extraordinary mental health service called “Rediscovering Yourself” and it promises to come to the rescue of all who wish to address their mental and psychological needs. In her more than four years of experience in the industry in dealing with various emotional, behavioural and adjustment problems like stress, depression, etc. of both adolescents and adults, she effectively makes efforts in replacing all the maladaptive behaviour & emotions with the adaptive ones in the course of her counselling practice.

Dr Mishra lastly assures that with a proper diagnosis and treatment, depression can be fought and people can overcome it. However, the experienced counselling psychologist is of the opinion that people should seek help from mental health professionals, who can help them deal with their mental issues and help them get a positive outlook and perspective towards life, for making it healthier and happier.

If you are seeking help and wish to get any other such services, please mail Dr Shefali Mishra’s “Rediscovering Yourself” at [email protected], or follow them on Instagram @rediscoveringyourself and Facebook @rediscoveringyourself20.

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