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Dr. Satabdi Roy Choudhury: Showcasing her Zeal for writing through Research Papers


Words are those captivating illusions that can hold someone arrested under their spells. Words are those phenomena that can influence people to move forward, influence people to get something done, influence purple to take charge of any degrading situation.

The amalgamation of such words is those miracles that can bring a revolution. Understanding the depth of meaning that words hold, Dr. Satabdi Roy Choudhury, who has published many research papers in the national and international journal, took interest in writing since she was little.

“Presently, my Research Papers have more than 20,000 reads as per data given by Research Gate and are popular in many National and International Universities and Research Journals. I have more than 11 journal based papers, 1 UNESCO Conference on Ethical Teaching”

Completing her graduation from St. Edmund’s College in Sociology Major. After that, the completion of an MBA degree in HR Major and Marketing Minor from EIILM, Sikkim helped her to gain the knowledge she deserved.

By acquiring the insights that she needed to further her studies, she completed her Ph.D. from Assam Central University, Silchar in 2018. Her research focuses on the Well-Being activities of the Indian Power Sector Enterprises for their activities. Her work sheds light on societal issues so that one can gain knowledge by the profundity of her writings.

What encouraged her to take up writing?
By seeing others weave magic through words in the magazine and newspaper, how information has taken the form of a pictorial representation, she thought writing was something that can take one to another world. Words are not only the carrier of information, they are the very vehicle of sentiment and perception.

“Reading newspapers and various magazine articles, motivated me also to write.”

Being motivated by seeing the articles of others, she took up the pen herself and pens down her feelings and informative pieces as a form of her papers.

“My write-ups are scientific and provide useful information.”

Trying to fulfill the gap that lay in the society and their lack of knowledge the society holds about societal issues, her research papers, mostly written on contemporary Issues and their Impact on Society, Lifestyle and Well-being provide an educative insight that will substantiate the well of knowledge.

“Thus, reading such informative papers provide in-depth knowledge and intensifies the general knowledge as well.”

Knowing how impactful and powerful a simple word holds, all her papers are written thoroughly conducting a primary and secondary survey, the information that is provided in the papers are detailed and can be taken for each word. It helped gain interest in the readers.

“The papers are based on very common social matter, which in general arouse interest among the readers.”

The inspiration behind her success:
Academia is a field that takes utter mental patience and passion to succeed. One must have that zeal to write, that imaginative ability to create magic through words, to influence people. Without encouragement and inspiration, it is rather tough. Taking inspiration from her parents, Dr. Roy Choudhury started gaining the confidence she needed to keep walking ahead.

“My mother, Mrs. M. Roy Choudhury, and My Father, Mr. S. Roy Choudhury is the one hand supporter and Inspiration to continue my writing”

Not only her parents but being blessed with a supportive Ph.D. guide, she got her writing skills polished exactly the way she wanted.

“He being the guiding force to polish my writing skill to as well as introducing me to the world of research.”

With their help, she overcame the issue of facing a lack of creative zeal to write. It helped her to win the Best Paper Award from EPRA International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and The Real Super Women 2020 from Forever Star India Award for her academic contribution.

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