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DIGITARY Media all digital advertising solutions venture, by Pranav mangal and Nikunj agarwal

In the wake of COVID-19, digital needs rising rapidly. Thus, the pandemic coronavirus crisis seemingly provides a swift glimpse into a future world, during which digitalization has become the core of each interaction, forcing both individuals and organizations to further up the adoption curve almost overnight. Currently, during this world, digital channels became the most customer engagement model, and automatic processes became the most drive of productivity and therefore the foundation of a transparent, flexible, and stable supply chain. A world during which agile methods of working are essential for meeting seemingly daily changes in customer behavior.


The year 2020 has passed us by, many of us were determined to say goodbye to the year, which has been one of the most challenging years in recent history.


Irrespective of whether it is businesses or individuals, the year 2020 was not a good year cutting across countries and economies coming to an almost standstill; the pandemic year brought down even the best and the largest known brands across all sectors.


However, despite the extensive destruction that the pandemic year brought on, they are some success stories that came out as a ray of sunshine despite the large black clouds hovering in the sky.


In recent years, India has seen an acceleration in new ideas, innovation, and many bright individuals taking charge and wanting to write their own stories.

Many of these bright individuals have deviated from the run – of – the – mill careers and taken a plunge into the unknown.


While this in itself is a huge step, the year 2020 made it tougher for young businesses to survive the onslaught brought on by the pandemic and even more challenging for those who had ideas on the board but found it unfeasible to bring them to life due to restrictions and economic conditions of most economies in the world.


Introducing, Nikunj Agarwal and Pranav Mangal the founder of India-based startup known as “Digitary Media”, a company that provides Digital media/marketing services globally.

According to DIGITARY, The way we can take more risks and insert our own innovative creations for someone else’s work actually shows that what kind of a work we can provide with as a result. This means that not only are we fulfilling the customer order companies wishes but we are also adding more aspects to it according to our own knowledge an experience from online marketing and web developing.


Digitary have it all and it is showcased in “Innovative media”, this is the medium that he has adopted to spread work and give a sample to others who might seek to look forward to what he does.


Both are avid social media and internet user and loved to spending time while being acquainted with the internet. This is when realized that they can start building a career in the internet marketing field.


To start their career in internet marketing and launching DIGITARY was not that easy as it seems. Nikunj and Pranav struggled a lot but as there is a famous saying “There is a will there’s a way” he never quit and finally launched his startup company which is popularly known as DIGITARY Media

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