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“Digital marketing is about the relationships, not the campaigns,” says Tinto Jose Koikkara

tinto jose koikkara

Tinto Jose Koikkara, aka TJ, is a digital marketing expert and entrepreneur from India. He found the digital marketing firm StormForz Digital. He has over 10+ years of experience in the industry. His firm majorly works with fashion, films, and celebrities niche. He works with film celebrities and well-known fashion models in the US and worldwide.

Tinto Jose Koikkara is an expert in digital marketing and an entrepreneur from India. He loves sharing his knowledge with others so that they can also be successful in their fields. His compassion for Digital Marketing makes him an ideal person to learn from. With his experience in his field, he is the perfect example of a wise entrepreneur.

If you are one of those business owners who are struggling to find the right marketing strategies, you should learn from TJ as he can share some of his tips on how to be successful in this kind of work. TJ is very committed to his work with his field experience. A man committed with over 10 years of experience, no doubt that this man is successful.

His firm majorly works with fashion, films, and celebrities’ niches. He had worked with film celebrities in India and well-known fashion models in the United States. His works prove that TJ is the product of hard work and dedication. His achievements are not mainly by miracles, but it’s his effort and untiringly work dedication.

Everyone can be successful like Tinto Jose Koikkara. All you have to do is work at your best, have passion for your work. TJ is here to share his experience with you. Make use of this and apply it.

His profound knowledge of marketing strategies what makes him successful in his field. TJ believes that “digital marketing is about the relations and not just the campaigns” he means that although digital marketing’s top priority is to organize a course of action to achieve positive goals, it doesn’t mean that we can overlook a certain process. Digital marketing is a very effective marketing approach to use nowadays. Building strong relations with your clients can positively impact your company in the long run, so it’s important to keep your clients happy at all costs.

He believes that acquiring a new customer can be challenging and costly, and it’s very true. So building a strong relationship with all of your customers is a must. This strategy helps retain customers in the long term, which will result in customer loyalty. Although acquiring a new customer is a plus, retaining your customer can be very profitable.

Today, Tinto Jose Koikkara still shares his idea with those who want to learn about digital marketing. He has a love for marketing strategies, and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge pushes him to further heights of his career. He is always happy to share his experience with you as he also wants you to be successful.


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