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Dev Abohari Announces his debut single ‘Would’ve been so lovely’

A 15 year old set to make his space in the music industry

Dev Abohari is a singer, songwriter, and music producer based in India. He is kicking off 2021 with new and unique music. The 15-year-old announced the news on his social media accounts, unveiling that his debut single will drop on February 14, 2021. Dev embraces a bit of surprise when it comes to what songs he is working on, so We will have to wait until February 14 to see what “Would’ve Been So Lovely” holds for the audience. We can pre-save the song on Spotify here. We asked Dev Abohari a few questions about his debut single below:

What is the song about and what theme does it hold?

The song is about a feeling of dismay and sadness over someone you loved. It portrays love and how it feels to lose it away in the dark.

What was it like to record and write your debut track? 

It has been a journey recording this song and It was recorded in my bedroom entirely. Honestly, I am quite content with it as it sounds quite similar to what I had conceived it to be in my head. As for writing the lyrics, for the song, I was having quite a bit of mixed emotions, and they were pretty dark recently. Writing this song felt like untangling those emotions piece by piece. Writing this song has certainly helped me understand myself to a greater extent. Hope you will love it when it drops.

Where do you see yourself in 5 Years?

I see myself happy and pursuing music. That’s all that matters to me the most. Of course, everyone wants success, money, and fame but I believe that the biggest thing that matters to me is to be able to pursue what I want to do, all other milestones come after that.

What inspires you to make music and when you started your journey?

Music helps me communicate my thoughts to the world which my words cannot as result It has genuinely helped me in multiple phases of life. I started learning guitar when I was 10 and It has been like a Meditation to my mind and heart ever since. It was like painting a canvas with my thoughts.

Which artists are you inspired by in creating your debut single?

I listen to quite a lot of genres, be it pop, country, jazz, or hip hop, and they all inspire me in a certain way, be it Maximal or minimal. It brings out the best of me. This single was profoundly inspired by the production techniques of Finneas and the beautiful vocals of Billie Eillish. Other influences include Alec Benjamin, Lauv, and Ed Sheeran. I made the composition of this song on a simpler side with a minimalistic approach which you would be able to make out.

What is it like to be able to produce music on the go for you Dev Abohari?

I love the power to be able to open my MacBook anywhere and start recording song ideas. Until a few years earlier, I assumed that music was supposed to be made in a big studio with a team. I was wrong. This has changed the game for me as a songwriter. This single was recorded entirely in my bedroom and it has helped in the creative process extensively. I believe knowing how to produce music on your own is virtually a necessity for any indie artist today.

What message would you like to convey to all the teens starting their music careers?

I would like to say that people around you might influence your decisions regarding your career or other significant aspects of life. For them to take you seriously, you need to prove your worth and stand for what you love to do, and to do so You need to devote your time and mind to what you want to accomplish in life for it to come to you. I believe that for a third person to believe in you or your work, be it a label or a brand or anyone else, you first need to believe in yourself.

How can people follow your journey? Please list your social media accounts Dev Abohari.

People can stay connected with me by following my official social media accounts- 

official Instagram account and  official Twitter account

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