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How Quitting From a Job and Starting a Beauty & Fashion Blog Looks Like – Deepa Sree

beauty and fashion

Social media is a place to showcase your creativity. YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest give you a platform to build up your name or make your brand more visible to your expected customers. If you can use digital marketing to grow your business, then you are definitely on the right path to your success.

Deepa Sree is a famous Lifestyle, Beauty and Fashion Blogger as well as a renowned YouTuber. She has a huge family of 26k on Instagram, which is growing rapidly. Her followers are attracted to her outstanding knowledge of Indo-Western fashion and beauty hacks. She uploads beauty related videos consistently, which helps her followers to maintain their lifestyle within an affordable range. She has chosen fashion designing as her profession.

Beauty & Fashion

Beauty and fashion are vast niches, and people have various opinions regarding these topics. Deepa has used her knowledge in an excellent way to earn her living. She was born in Hyderabad, Telangana, on the 4th of November 1990. Deepa was very close to her father, J. S. Murthy, who is a well-known Astrologer, and after his demise, she found the world in her mother J. Sundari, who is a psychologist. Her parents were always very supportive.

Deepa completed her Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science, and she got a gold medal during graduation. According to her, she is a Nerd and was always a hard-working child and used to be top-ranked in her school-days. She entered into modeling during her college days and found her love towards fashion. She is also a devoted dancer and loves music too. She has planned to launch a music album in the future. Apart from this, Deepa is also known to be multi-lingual. She can speak Marathi, Telugu, English, Hindi, French, and Tamil. She is currently learning South-Korean.

The renowned social media influencer joined Deloitte, India, after completing her graduation. She completed the Accessory Designing course and Diploma in Fashion Designing from Hamstech. She continued to take various projects in modeling.

Beauty Guru

People love to see her daily posts on Instagram and shower their love on comment sections. She is known as the “beauty guru” of Hyderabad. She has tremendous knowledge of her niche. When she started getting enough clients through her blog, she quit her job. She has launched her YouTube channel, which is growing organically. Her experimenting ideas regarding fashion amazed her followers. Blogging has changed her life a lot, along with giving her monetary satisfaction.

Deepa maintains a classy lifestyle and lives her life in her own style. She also loves to cook tasty food, and she is an avid book reader.

She is an inspiration to the many people who cannot choose passion over academic grades. Fashion was her love, and she set up her career based on it rather than going for a cubicle job from 9 to 5.

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