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Deep into sustainable thoughts with Entrepreneur & Digital Coach Gaurav Madaan

Our planet has always been working with us. It’s we who are not working with the planet. The key lies in making mindful decisions, responsible ones, which might not be so difficult. Sustainability is the need of the hour. We are all witnessing the global health crisis further impacting the wellness of our future generations. As we know, the Earth’s resources are unevenly distributed and due to enormous imbalanced consumption, the resources are depleting.

Entrepreneur Gaurav Madaan says, “A day might come when there will be no resources left to be used for our kids. Sustainable Living describes a lifestyle that attempts to reduce an individual or society’s use of the Earth’s natural resources. It can be referred to as earth harmony living.”

Throughout his journey of success and training over 100,000 people in the field of digital marketing with his strategy is being followed across leading MNCs, Gaurav focuses on sustainopreneurship, which means having sustainable strategic objectives and purpose to business.

“Business offerings for human consumption while keeping in mind, the business affect on nature is crucial. Ethical practices have a direct impact on our business strength. To build something, we can’t destroy the other properties given by nature”, he adds.

Gaurav suggests that business should use less of paper for documentation and go digital, a small tip that goes a long way in preserving natural resources. He also built ZeroTouch using which business can go online/digital. He also recommends that plastic ban is implemented in work spaces. The most hazardous of all pollutions is single use plastic, he continues to explain.

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