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Deep Gautam Asks Youth To See Entrepreneurship As A Career

Deep Gautam

Deep Gautam

With a pile of career options available both in the Corporate and Government sector, it has been always a perplexing question for parents and their wards to choosing right the path between job and entrepreneurship. Most of the parents normally do not have a pro-business mindset. Therefore, they want their children to take up a normal job somewhere and settle in life.

People hailing from middle-class background have a common sentiment of failure. “What If I Fail?” is the fear that prohibits people from letting their innovative ideas turn into a start-up that might make them millionaire eventually. You would be surprised to know that according to a survey carried out by Wakefield Research, one-third of Americans are more afraid to start their own business than to jump out of a plane.

Deep Gautam who is an Indian Entrepreneur says starting a business instead of working for others for a fixed monthly salary is quite daunting, filled with uncertainty and tremendously exasperating. But on the other side, innumerable prospects are waiting to welcome you.”

He further says that entrepreneurship is not as easy as a cakewalk. Nevertheless, flaws if embraced could be turned into strength, skills can be learnt, and the qualities that you lack can be searched within friends or on the dedicated social platforms that help early-stage entrepreneurs grow. Managing a business is teamwork and one should be always ready to deploy smarter people to work than you are. The quicker you accept the fact, the farther you leave your rivals behind.

Why Deep Gautam emphasizes foraying entrepreneurship has a few reasons which according to him are:

1] India has the highest population of Young People in the world, as well as, ranks second in term of the population of people of all walks of life. India’s population naturally implies that it has diversified needs that not just a few conglomerates or enterprises could cater to. So, there’s always room for new entrants.

2] India is a humongous consumer marketplace for both local and international business entities. Sadly, the Indian Market is unexceptionally reliant on foreign brands and comprises a big market share. The absence of local businesses in the consumer market creates unprecedented opportunities for local entrepreneurs. The rest of the world looks up to India as a sure shot chance of bringing growth in their businesses and revenues multi-folds in less time.

3]Frugality is an innate trait of every Indian. What we have been taught since our childhood is the application of Jugad, also called frugality to every adverse situation we face in our daily life. The frugal approach of Indians helps circumvent unfavourable situations that save time, energy and money.

If Indian entrepreneurs recognize and solve the problems of consumers with a frugal perspective, they will have an edge over foreign rivals. What entrepreneurs need to do is unleash their hidden potential of problem-solving and get a stronghold on market with their low-cost high-value solutions.

4] The Indian Government is positive towards empowering the local businesses through the various initiatives launched in recent years.

5] According to the World Bank’s ease of doing business report 2020, India jumps to the 63rd position. It indicates that there is a steady improvement in business practices and regulations across the country. It not only bolstering India’s business environment but also spurring future start-ups.

6] During the lockdown, we realised that India is a fast-paced developing country that still lacks somewhere in services. We did realise the need for modernisation, digitization and upgrade. Thus, our needs have opened new avenues for Indian entrepreneurs.


Deep Gautam, the founder of VoixTube, found his passion for entrepreneurship during his college life. However, he did not openly admit his career goals during those days. He continued to learn about entrepreneurship and has evolved a lot since then. Now he feels that the onus is on him to educate people who have dreamt of becoming an entrepreneur someday in their lives. He educates people through his informative podcasts and posts content about entrepreneurship on his social media handles.

He further opines, it is high time now that people have got to shift their puritanical mindset towards entrepreneurship and blot out the fear of failure. Jobs offer you comfort, a steady payment, and rewards as well. But to explore your true capabilities and get vouchsafed accordingly, entrepreneurship is the right path. Your passion and smart work blended with perseverance make a delicious dish called entrepreneurship which you will be relishing for many years to come.

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