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How Debashish Is Disrupting All Of India Through Digital Marketing

Within an ever growing industry, digital marketing is here to stay. Social platforms are constantly changing, and with it so does the marketing to generate business and traffic. Debashish Talukdar is one of the first in India to take advantage of the new era of marketing by starting and scaling his own digital marketing agency. His dream? to show, educate & inspire his country and those around him that no matter what your background is, anyone can succeed with enough hard work and dedication.

What was it like growing up as a child?

“My childhood was normal and we lived in a middle class suburban neighborhood. Me and my siblings attended private school and we have always lived comfortably. My parents were strict, but not so strict that I wasn’t allowed to do anything. I got into some trouble as a teenager. I rebelled, I talked back, and I did things I shouldn’t have done. I put my parents through emotional hell, but they loved me, never gave up on me and gave me all the resources that I ever sought for.”

Thanks for sharing that with us, where are you from?

“I’m from a small town called Barpeta Road, located in West Assam, India.”

What got you into the social media marketing space?

“Initially I didn’t have the capital to get into E-commerce so a friend of mine suggested me that I should go for Digital Marketing, save the money earned and leverage it to get into E-commerce. But as I was progressing in the Digital Marketing world, I fell in love with the process and started to love what I was doing.”

What does your agency specialize in?

“Our agency specializes in Social Media Marketing/Management, Content Creation & Distribution, Brand Consulting.”

Thats great! With so many companies offering similar services, what separates your agency from your competitors?

“We under promise and over deliver. We don’t accept business outside our expertise. I guess you could say we are everything that everyone else isn’t, and thats why we have been seeing great results. We let our results speak for themselves.”

Who are your top 3 role models?

“My mom and dad have always been the biggest role models in my life. They always encouraged and supported me and my dreams instead of forcing me to follow their footsteps. All that I am today, all that I’ll ever be is because of my parents. Gary Vee has also played a crucial role in molding my thoughts and the way in which I view the world. The knowledge & mindset regarding the networking world and communication that I have right now is mostly because of Gary. He taught me that kindness and gratitude is always going to win in the macro regardless of what results we get in the micro.”

How Did you learn all you know about digital marketing?

“Google helped me in some way, some random pages did teach me a stuff or two but most importantly it was Joe Staiber (@Staiberr) who helped me get into the digital marketing world. His course is surely worth the money that I paid for learning and anyone who wants to learn about digital marketing should definitely get his course.”

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

“5 years from now, I see myself as an integral part of my company where I take it to peaks by learning and improving as everyday passes by. Contributing to the society with my knowledge and experience to help people around me grow as I grow.”

Why Should a business work with you?

“Business climate nowadays is demanding a social media presence regardless of the line of work you are in. If your business is not on Facebook and other social networks, it’s as if it doesn’t exist. Talukdar Consulting is the next generation digital marketing agency run by millennials with deep understanding of the platforms that they market with. Our agency helps entrepreneurs and business increase their social media presence and boost their revenue by leveraging social media marketing and management.”

Where Can People get In contact with you?

“You could always reach me on my social media handles:

Instagram: _debashish__

Facebook: Debashish Talukdar

Twitter: @debashishtaluk”


Debashish Talukdar – CEO & Founder OF Talukdar Consulting

Joe is the CEO & Founder of Staiber Consulting, a marketing agency that specializes in building, managing and automating the marketing processes for ecommerce businesses as well as consulting services to help these businesses learn the key components needed to build and run a successful online business's such as website design, product selection, facebook advertising, copywriting, etc.


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