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David Meltzer Joins Caveness HR Advisory Board

David Meltzer, founder of David Meltzer Enterprises, Co-Founder of Sports 1 Marketing, and three times best-selling author, has joined the Caveness HR advisory board.

CavnessHR is a military veteran owned company, founded by Jason Cavness, that offers human resources solutions to small businesses with 49 or fewer employees through a voice-enabled AI platform in conjunction with an HR Business partner.

We sat down with Jason Cavness to learn more about how he came to have such a high profile entrepreneur join the CavnessHR board. Cavness told us, “I learned about David Meltzer’s monthly 2-minute pitch competition. The 2-minute pitch competition was live streamed on July 24 and I knew I wanted to make a great impression on David. As it was my intention to leverage this as part of my plan to convince him to join the CavnessHR Board of Advisors.”

It is imperative that business owners and CEOs fully understand the types of situations and policies that may expose their companies to employment litigation. CavnessHR helps companies draft policies that Not only protect them from lawsuits and accidents, but also result in a workplace environment where employees can thrive. This boosts morale and promotes a collaborative atmosphere that fosters productivity and effective employee retention.

Fellow veteran business owner, Bernard Edwards, founder of Crushing Transition has worked closely with Cavness HR and has had the opportunity to learn from David Meltzer. Edwards states, “Jason is one of the hardest working Human Resources experts I know of. His years of experience, vast network, and dedication to seeing others thrive constantly inspires me to build my legacy and always see the good in every business challenge I experience.”

CavnessHR provides clarity on HR Laws, Labor posters, Employee Handbooks, HR Policies, Job Descriptions, Onboarding and responsive HR advice based on customer sector and location.

CavnessHR: Focus on your business, we’ve got your HR!

If you’re a SPHR member or even remotely following major initiatives within the world’s largest association of HR professionals, odds are you’ve heard of Jason Cavness and listened to his podcast, “The Jason Cavness Experience”.

The Jason Cavness Experience is a show where he talks to small business owners, founders and other interesting people.

Jason has a Master’s in Human Relations from the University of Oklahoma and is SPHR certified.

The Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) is the senior-most human resources certification for those who have also demonstrated a strategic mastery of the HR body of knowledge.

Organizations seek out SPHR professionals for their proven accountability for HR department goals, for breadth and depth of knowledge in all HR disciplines, and for understanding business issues beyond the HR function.

Ujwal Sharma is an Indian Entrepreneur and Digital Marker. He is the Founder of Uzi World Digital.

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