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Darryl Drake’s Wisdom Is One Of His Biggest Assets

It is human nature to look out for ourselves before we look out for others. After all, your own well being is the one you have to be constantly looking out for. In the working world especially, everyone is looking out for themselves the majority of the time and we have to do everything in our power to get ahead. But, a select few people are built different. They see the world through a different lens, and understand the power of helping others. I had the honor to sit down with one of those select few, president of SAP Darryl Drake. 

Along with being the president of SAP, a company that aids its clients through credit mentorship and rebuilding, Darryl has always had a passion for helping others. Whether it be through workshops to teach business expansion techniques, or even absolutely free advice for social media, helping fellow entrepreneurs has always been second nature to him.

While speaking to him, Drake specifically mentioned, “I think we all have a responsibility to help our peers; even if it’s as small as being honest or sharing our life experiences.” Even outside of the business realm, he has a desire to serve others and take a genuine interest in their problems. 

For some, it takes a whole career of working and experiencing to finally develop a wisdom that can be passed down to future generations. For Drake, that wisdom has come much sooner in life. When speaking on success, he stated, “Success is a process, not an event. It’s not something that pops up, it’s something that develops.” Waiting around for one breakthrough moment is natural, as it is hard to envision the process it takes to become successful in the business world. Darryl has come to realize in his early 30s that the work has to be put in, and you have to be patient and persistent to realize your goals. 

Don’t be mistaken, though. While he has the wisdom to know that success is a process, he has already been through all steps of that process. At just 29 years old, he grew a company to over $40M in revenue and expanded it into 15 different countries. While that is impressive enough, what is even more impressive is his mindset for the future.

Rather than resting on the fact that he has a multi-million dollar company to live off of, Darryl decided to step away from that career to reevaluate his purpose in life and how he wants to spend the coming decades. This only goes to show that he does not simply find completion in wealth and success, but is an extremely well-rounded being that is focused on all facets of life, even outside of his work. 

For more invaluable insight and to follow along with his journey, he can be found on Instagram @darryldrake. 

I am a Marketing & PR Specialist with a strong background in E-commerce with over 5 years experience. I am the CEO of Prestige Public Relations, a PR agency where I help entrepreneurs big and small get their story on major publications.

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