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Learn How Dalip Celbeqiri runs a Successful Media Publishing Agency

Dalip Celbeqiri is an 24 years old online Entrepreneur with his venture called DIY Simple. Besides owning the media publishing agency, he is also an Influencer and Engineer from Albania.

Which is the story of your prior success ?

Building large networks obviously, started back in 2014 with Creative Ideas which in about 4 years of it’s creation became one of the largest communities on Facebook gathering 4.5m faster than most of the pages.
Nowdays challenge is getting DIY Simple on TOP of that niche, i feel it’s like my own responsability to get it there, where it belongs , on the TOP!

What techniques and methods do you use day to day to stay continuously motivated, focused and proactive when fear, hardships and procrastination have the best of you?

My motivation is the idea that there is always room for improvement! Never stop the change, always adapt , always look for new paths!

What are your “things I wish someone told me when I first started” and why.

Personally i don’t live with regrets , eventhough as i previously said there’s always room for improvement, i kinda liked the struggles and ‘walls i had to break’ to come up here.

How will you continue to grow and succeed? Are there any major sacrifices that you have had to make in order to move forward?

By adapting to changes, by improving the things i do in my work.
Time, that’s the only major sacrifice that it i had to make in order to move forward. Building such a big networks takes time and hard work, and of course a lot of good growth ideas take you up!

Thanks you Dalip !

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Angelo Raguso, alias FAW9 : For almost ten years, he has dealt with electronic music, first as a Music Producer, releasing his music on top Labels in the sector, such as Spinnin 'Records, Elrow, Trax Records, Freakin909, Hotfingers and many others, to name a few, and then as a Label Owner for various record labels that launched and then sold or entrusted in permanent management to various collaborators. Today he is a Social Media Strategist, has worked and offered his services to top names in the American and European entrepreneurship sector, and writes as a freelancer, for sites like Disrupt etc


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