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Cozii is not your regular upcoming Artist who is looking out for his own success


Cozii is a well-known name if you are familiar with the business world. His recent development is the establishment of a food shop called Snack Town West which brings you the rare food items from around the world and operates locally. Now you can enjoy the rare food items in your locality.

Cozii was born in Ottawa, ON. He sure has many feathers in his hat and is a creative person at heart. Ever since he was a kid, Cozii enjoyed playing with colors and has a very creative approach towards life in general. But things were not always rosy for him. He has faced his own share of struggles and hurdles to pave his way to success. He is a hard-working soul who understands the true meaning of determination. He has come a long way in his journey and continues to push through as he still has a long way to go in his career.

Moreover, he is not doing all this just for the sake of himself. He has a much greater vision and is conscious of the evils that exist in the world. He wishes to make the world a better place for everyone. “The thought of a better world, my family and my wife motivate me,” adds Cozii. Cozii dedicates it all to his mentor and says he could not have been here without the help of his mentor, Patrik Kabongo. He wouldn’t have come this far alone without guidance. Patrik has taught him much more than just business ethics. He has turned him into the man he is today and for the work which he is known for in the business world.

On asking Cozii how he overcomes a situation that is quite difficult to handle, he said, “Difficult Situations are extremely hard for me and my mental health. I have two people inside me. I have my normal self, then I have XL Cozii. When XL cozii appears, it generally means that a situation has triggered me in many ways which are beyond my understandings. I enjoy being perfect and organized but when small things go wrong, I have a very dark and angry side which is not very nice and I need to work on it.”

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