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Cory Machado – The man with a heart of gold

Cory Machado

When a person dreams to be successful the only thing in their mind is the ultimate success. Nothing else in the world fascinates the person other than the goal they are facing at the time. But here’s a point we are suggesting that being successful but using the success in a way which Benefits others as well is a thing that not everyone thinks of.
Cory Machado is a wrestler who is successful and he is using every bit of his success in a good way to benefit the needy ones around him. From hunger-struck people to spreading awareness about road accidents he is doing great works on a daily basis.
This is a world full of selfish people, those who are selfless are no less than a gem. They are the true diamonds sent by god and for sure Cory is among them.

Cory Machado

Cory Machado

As a professional wrestler, he is successful and is still fighting every day to achieve much higher success in life. From a young age, Cory used to watch the wrestling of Americans on television with his grandfather. Although they didn’t under English at that time his love for wrestling grew for sure from that time only. That childhood love converted into his passion which he made sure to come true.
The best thing about this person is that he never fails to achieve what he thinks of. When he had a deep interest in wrestling. Even after failing so many times, he never stopped ultimately he used his failure as a push to conquer the best. This is the reason he is still growing and not stagnant.
Apart from working for himself, he thought that there is so much that he can do for society. This thing was realized by him when he witnessed the accident of an aspiring nurse Ashley Carlson, who died in a road accident. Cory thought that she might have so much to do for people and because of her death, all her dreams went away with her. From then he decided to make people aware of road safety and how important it is for the lives of people.
Despite being popular, he is still down to earth and he says that he has failed so many times in life but will never fail to help people around him. His ultimate goal is to help the needy ones. Keeping his grandfather in his mind and his blessings with him, Cory is working hard. Right now he is working with so many charities that help people to get food so that no hunger struck people dies for food

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