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Here’s How Cody Kerns is Helping Business Owners Create an Effective Online Brand

Meet Cody Kerns, Founder, and CEO of the iComeup Marketing Agency. Cody is a prominent leader within the digital marketing space, but it wasn’t always that way, he’s spent the past five years building an effective online brand for himself and his business. This story outlines the exact process Cody uses to do the same for business owners worldwide. 

Recognizing Potential in Business 

Cody Kerns is a true entrepreneur at heart, he created his first micro venture at 13, founding his own chewing gum business in 7th grade. A vital step that founded a concrete understanding of business at a very early age for Cody. The Micro-Ventures followed Cody into high school as he began to build a reputation for selling sneakers, electronics, and other items to his classmates. 

Although a very lucrative for a high schooler, the real value was built in the forms of the skills he garnered in the realms of leadership and effective task management. 

The young mogul ended up going to Coastal Carolina University and completed a one-year business management program with a 3.15 GPA. Shortly after, Cody decided to pursue a different direction and ended up dropping college altogether. Cody Found himself an excellent opportunity to become a sales affiliate for Vemma  Nutrition. It was at this moment in his journey that he had amassed new perspectives, a solid understanding of business operations and marketing, and life philosophies. This foundation he built for himself was the birth Moment of ‘iComeup LLC,’ a marketing agency that has now crossed the threshold of over seven million in sales. 

Cody Kerns has been adamant about helping business owners create effective online brands, generate quality leads, and increase overall online exposure since 2015. That year Cody saw a very clear disconnect with the route businesses were taking for their online presence on one of the most crucial marketing platforms, Instagram.  

Key Takeaways 

Cody Kerns has built a solid reputation for himself as a very credible Instagram business strategist, working with prominent figures such as Elena Cardone, JD Frost, Ryan Tseko, and more! The biggest marketing platform is Instagram, and iComeup specializes in How you market your business on Instagram. After five years of trial and error, Cody and his team have built a powerful formula focused on Increasing your credibility, skyrocket your following, and building your Instagram around attracting your ideal prospect. With countless success stories, the work iComeup has put forth with their clientele truly makes Cody’s business a key factor for anyone that is looking to take a step in the right direction with Instagram and their business. 



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