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The leading Cyber Security Company of India – Codelancer Incorporation

Codelancer is a cyber security consulting organization based at Nagpur, Maharashtra, India is headquarters to a security operations centre (SOC). Through advisory engagements, Virtual CISO Services, Security Monitoring and Cyber Security Product knowledge, we assist customers meet cyber security problems. In addition, it runs an advanced technical training organization.

Codelancer Incorporation - leading Cyber Security Company of India

Codelancer Incorporation – leading Cyber Security Company of India

We believe that you should be able to sense the technology. We offer advanced professional training in a variety of areas, including Data Science, Machine Learning, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, Mobile Application Development and more. Data breaches, Credential Theft and other sorts of malicious assaults can all be avoided with the company’s technology.

CODELANCER provides the best Cyber Security activity of defending systems, networks and programs from digital threats. These assaults are usually intended at obtaining, modifying or destroying critical information; extorting money from users; or disturbing routine company processes.

Implementing good Cyber Security measures is particularly tough nowadays because there are more devices than people. Today, assured cyber breach consultants and expertise deliver Governance, Risk and Compliance solutions to organizations throughout in India.

The team is made up of highly skilled and hand-picked professional consultants that have broad and unique experience and professional reputations in their respective professions. All have years of practical experience delivering quality assignments to clients and they take pleasure in their honesty and integrity in providing the greatest level of service possible.

CODELANCER benefits one from improved cyber defense strategies in today’s linked society. A cyber security attack on an individual level can result in everything from identity theft to extortion attempts to the loss of crucial data such as family photos. Critical infrastructure, such as power plants, hospitals and financial services organizations, is used by everyone. On-site and remote cyber security incident simulations are available through CODELANCER’s Cyber security Experience Center.

The C-level management team, as well as the operational SOC and OT teams, can use these simulations to assess their preparedness and resilience. Most notably, the CODELANCER” intends to assist enterprises in being more prepared for potential cyber catastrophes and reducing the risk of major attacks. We’ve deployed a variety of cutting-edge technology in dynamic rooms, each of which may be customized to match your company’s unique infrastructure and cyber security requirements.

CODELANCER a cyber security company well established and have multiple layers of protection which are dispersed across the computers, networks, programs and data that one wants to keep safe in a good cybersecurity strategy. To establish a successful defense against cyber threats, an organization’s people, processes, and technology must all complement one another.

CODELANCER had a strategy of dealing with both attempted and successful cyber attacks and it follow one well-known framework. It describes how to detect and respond to threats, as well as how to recover from successful attacks.

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