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Chris Diaz Epitomizes The Saying ‘Your Network Is Your Net Worth’

Chris Diaz has built incredible relationships with athletes, entrepreneurs, artists, and influencers. His vast network of connections has allowed him to build out a 100M+ person digital network, grow a personal brand online that gives him credibility and has established himself as a leader of his industry. Whenever he encounters a new person, he immediately seeks to provide value to them, because this allows for a transparent and authentic relationships to form that will create a natural energy that will return massive value for everyone in the long term. While he radiates positive energy today, this sadly wasn’t always the case for Chris.

Chris Diaz once felt that he had nothing left to live for, and felt completely depressed with no drive nor direction. He was lacking drive to the point where he would nearly fall asleep at any point during the day, would procrastinate everything possible, and even failed to seek proper treatment for his dog. But, Chris is here to tell you firsthand: you can rise out of any situation, no matter how dark it may seem in the moment. In fact, the lowest points in life are when you learn most, develop the most mental toughness, and are able to bounce back than ever before. 

And did Chris ever bounce back. 

He decided to invest the last dollars to his name into growth and personal development. In doing this, he found a passion for helping others grow, and there is no other platform at the moment better for personal growth than Instagram. With this in mind, Chris decided to go all in on what he loves to do, and pursued Instagram with everything he had. Using his authentic transformation and story along with strategically leveraging his personal brand to build the right relationships, Chris soon found massive success with building an online business.

Chris is now able to leverage his connections and large following to help bring substantial growth to his clients’ brands and effectively scale it so they are able to have a digital footprint comparable to his. As a master of marketing & personal branding, he is very aware of the challenges associated with it, and is willing to share some tips on personal branding. 

First, you must be willing to put in the time to engage with your followers and make them feel important. Get creative when it comes to strategy, cross platform market yourself, collaborate with industry leaders, and similar accounts in your niche. While you can grow from your phone rather than an office desk, it still requires you to put in hours similar to a full time job. Next, consistency is key. To see massive growth, staying on top of your content and providing daily value is huge in a saturated social media market. Differentiate yourself, and turn your followers into opportunities, clients, or business partners. Last, and arguably the most important, Chris stresses that success takes time. While Instagram is a great platform, it also gives everyone access to successful people’s lives, which gives a sense of urgency to be successful now. Comparing your chapter 2 to someone’s chapter 20 will only bring stress and frustration, as even the most successful influencers have been grinding for years to get to where they are. 

With a work ethic and mindset as strong as Chris possesses, even he still credits his long term success to building a rock solid team around him. He values the team he surrounds himself with, building strong relationships with them to establish a level of trust and respect, and constantly supporting and pushing those around him to be their best so they can return the favor and see massive growth together. 

Chris Diaz is a force in the industry thanks to his profound ability to network and connect with people, and his successes are only the beginning.

He can be contacted via his Instagram @itschrisdiaz & for business inquiries you can schedule a consultation with him at

I am a Marketing & PR Specialist with a strong background in E-commerce with over 5 years experience. I am the CEO of Prestige Public Relations, a PR agency where I help entrepreneurs big and small get their story on major publications.

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