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Chingiz Nasirov Established Name In The Fitness Industry

Chingiz Nasirov is a Russian fitness model, entrepreneur, blogger, fashion designer. Alongside a healthy lifestyle, Chingiz’s passions are sharing fitness and fashion content online. Because of this, he’s built a diverse audience of fans who all have one goal in common – to become better versions of themselves, just like Chingiz who is popularly known as Chingi.

His Instagram account chingi_official with 40 thousand followers will surely take everyone on a ride as it is all about his travel experiences and fashion .

Nasirov was born on 09.09.1999. In his early years, Chingiz was an active kid but wasn’t really interested in gaining muscle. It wasn’t until 2013 when this started changing. This was the year that Chingiz Nasirov began working on improving his aesthetics.

As Chingiz progressed physically, so did he business-wise; his online following grew as he continued to post new pictures on his social media. Driven by success, not just his own but also that of his fans. Chingiz continues to inspire everyone by his example.

In addition, Chingiz Nasirov is also a start-upper and luxury goods designer. One of the most famous and famous in this area. Among his clients are famous people. His clothes were worn even by members of royal families around the world. Also, he created two innovation products in the eco industry. One of them is an edible cup for hot drinks.


Work with Brands

Demna Gvasalia, Heron Preston, and Marcelo Burlon are some of the celebrated names from the luxury fashion scene who are in awe of Chingiz Nasirov’s work. Chingiz Nasirov as the designer, one thing is sure that the quality of the products will be par excellence, his products will also set a bar as far as sustainability and creativity are concerned.

In an extraordinary career of almost a decade. Chingiz Nasirov has got his hands to design for the global luxury brands. He hopes to bring luxury fashion at par with all the latest technological innovations. His ability to influence people with his work is something worth appreciating and this young man has taken luxury fashion in his hands. Chingiz, who has worked as a fashion and luxury designer since 2015, has work in his portfolio for the largest and most famous brands such as Helmut Lang, Gucci, Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton, and Off-White. Besides fashion brands, he works with brands from the gym industry. One of them is Body engineers.

We wish Chingiz Nasirov best of luck and we hope he continues doing this amazing work.

  • Chingiz Nasirov

  • Chingiz Nasirov

  • Chingiz Nasirov
  • Chingiz Nasirov

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