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Chicmomz: Where fashion meets comfort for moms to-be


A lady needs to confront plenty of difficulties in her day-to-day existence. Be it at home or in the public eye. Discussing pregnancy is quite possibly the most wonderful occasion for a lady yet she needs to confront a ton of restrictions and generalizations. Many individuals don’t like the concept of ladies breastfeeding in broad daylight; they flinch about ladies wearing western garments or popular garments and anticipate that they should wear curiously large garments to accommodate their child bump. It’s about time that individuals shut down stereotypes and embrace ladies.

Chicmomz is a brand that adores and respects women and supports comfortable, sustainable and trendy living. They make affordable maternity garments that can be reused post-pregnancy making them sustainable. She wishes to bridge to gap faced by women.

‘Chicmomz’ is a Delhi-based maternity wear brand. The brand is established by two sisters, Aanchal Jaura and Aashna. At the point when Aanchal was pregnant and needed to purchase maternity garments, she understood that there were not many brands that would sell maternity garments, and they were pricey at the same time as well. A lady needs to go through a ton during her pregnancy and they don’t have the right to be worried about what to wear and what not to during that time.

Besides, the vast majority of the maternity garments can’t be utilized post-pregnancy and spending such a huge amount for a few months felt excessive. That is the point at which they contemplated making a brand that urges ladies to wear jazzy yet comfortable and affordable garments during this precious time of their lives.

Aanchal says that understanding one’s self-instinct is significant. She accepts that a lady ought to have the option to wear what they like. She believes that dressing up as per her choice makes her feel more empower and confident. That is the manner in which she needs her clients to feel in the wake of wearing the garments she makes. The texture she utilizes is delicate to such an extent that it adds a degree of solace for them. The textures utilized in making them are not only comfortable but also stylish and rich. Every lady ought to have the option to appreciate their life and feel confident and comfortable.

Subsequent to finishing her graduation from Delhi University and MBA from IBS, Anchal worked in organizations, for example, HDFC and American Express while sister Aashna finished her bachelors in software engineering and a Masters degree from England and later on investigated the fields of journalism and content writing in NDTV and furthermore a few ones in England.

Aanchal and Aashna resemble a one-women armed force, taking care of everything from accounts to creation. Aanchal handles tasks, funds, deals, coordination, and the management at Chicmomz while Aashna deals with the innovative work, press releases, and negotiations. Nonetheless, they do the merchandising, styling, settle on texture decisions, and pre-production work together.

Before they dispatched their brand, they conversed with a couple of mothers and furthermore made an account on social media to make individuals mindful of their image and what they are advancing.

The name of the brand is given remembering design and ladies. The meaning of Chic is ‘trendy’ or ‘fashionable’ and their image is about pregnant ladies and devoted to all mothers, hence they named it ‘Chicmomz’. They have tops, short dresses, maxi dresses and other garments for ladies. The pieces are bundled and dispatched with a personalized touch.

The primary motivation behind why individuals love ‘Chicmomz’ is that they make moderate maternity garments that are below Rs.2k. They use fabric that is comfortable to wear yet stylish. The garments are sustainable as they can be utilized post-pregnancy as well and restyled appropriately.


They launched their brand in October and in November Kareena Kapoor Khan was in Pataudi, Delhi and they got an opportunity to convey their brand clothes to her. She wore one of the dresses which is the white bling maxi dress and styled it so well. That and a peplum top are a portion of their hot selling items now.

Anchal’s message to all the lady business people is “Each woman is special. Women are gifted with the special power of giving birth to a new life. Whatever comes, women can rise above that.”

I have connected the website so you can go through their assortment and I have likewise connected their Instagram handle with the goal that you can remain refreshed on the most recent contributions.

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