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Celebrity fitness trainer Ray Wetterlund III believes that eating healthy food will show positive results in your body

The best and only addiction one should have is fitness. Ray Wetterlund III, a celebrity personal trainer truly lives by these words. A trainer and mentor to many celebrities from La Jolla and San Diego, Ray’s love for fitness has been for more than a decade now. With a degree in Kinesiology, he is a licensed and certified personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach (CSCS), and a sports nutritionist.

Being unique with his workout regimen is what makes him one of the most celebrated trainers. His award-winning 1000+ calorie-burning RW3 Boot Camps has made him the best personal trainer across La Jolla and San Diego. A true fitness freak, Ray believes that what a person eats is what he becomes. “If you eat healthy food, you will see positive results in your body and if you eat junk and unhealthy food, you will lead an unhealthy life”, he stated.

Adding to it, the fitness trainer gave a classic example and revealed that a car needs fuel to function and not water. Similarly, he emphasized a healthy diet which humans need to live a healthy life. The fitness entrepreneur over the years has grown a great network on social media with more than 20 million followers. Moreover, he is also specialized in model and influencer management.

The celebrity fitness trainer is widely seen on his weekly TV show ‘Abs Made In The Kitchen’ on Fox 5 San Diego. Speaking about living a fit and healthy lifestyle, he said, “It all begins in your head. To have a relaxed state of mind, it is important to be fit – mentally, physically, and emotionally. I believe that exercise for an hour a day can change your life for good. Staying fit is an investment in a self which very few people do. If you ask me, I have always given one piece of advice to my clients and it is to tolerate the short-term pain for achieving the long term gain.”

Moreover, Ray Wetterlund III even stated that it is not necessary to give an hour to workout. “15 minutes of workout every day at the initial stage is enough and then you can change your schedule as per your convenience and willpower”, he added. Lastly, while signing off, the fitness trainer suggested that one must stay hydrated by drinking lots of water and adding greens to the diet for the better functioning of the body. Besides his unique workout regime, Ray Wetterlund III has rightly brought a positive change by adding the right kind of nutrition to people’s day-to-day routine.

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