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Carlos Reyes Shares His Inspiring Story And How He Was Able To Become One Of The Most Successful Entrepreneurs In The World

Serial entrepreneur Carlos Reyes is an individual who’s built his empire the old fashioned way; hard work, networking, and faith. 

Carlos owns 14 businesses, spanning different sectors such as house flipping, finance, and digital services. He is basically a man of all trades!

One Noteworthy fact is that Carlos didn’t start this way. He was born to a low-income family in Mexico and spent most of his childhood bagging groceries. His mother also worked multiple minimum-wage jobs to make sure there was food on their plates.

Watching his mother work those Jobs nurtured the value of hard work on Carlos. At a young age, he realized that money doesn’t come easy. 

As he grew, Carlos ensured that he operated by the value of hard work. He knew that with enough hard work, he could change his future.

So Carlos set out to work. He and his business partner Sal Sakir worked tirelessly, 18 hours a day, and a lot of sleepless nights in the office to ensure that their future would be bright.

In the end, it all paid off. Today, Carlos has a large number of individuals under his employ, including his family members. 

In this article, we will learn the principles and values Carlos came a place of lack to being one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world.

Embrace Failure

On his journey to Success, Carlos experienced a lot of failures. As an entrepreneur, you will face a lot of failures, but once you realize that those failures are just processes required for you to hit the next milestone, you’ll soar through. 

Nothing comes easy. Carlos explains that he spent so much time, energy, and a lot of money testing projects over the years until he got the golden formula for launching new business ventures.

“Failure is the condiment to success.” – Truman Capote


To achieve success, you have to be ready to do things that you might not enjoy. Activities such as Reading books every day, going to bed late and waking up at dawn, and, most importantly, hard work.

Carlos saw all these activities as building blocks for the foundation of his business. If you don’t have the discipline to complete the goals necessary for your success, you won’t get anywhere.

Remember that the road to success is not easy and will never be. All you’ll need is discipline to help you complete and overcome the challenges you face.

Don’t Give Up

After failing more times than he could count, Carlos is now a successful entrepreneur.

He shares with us that he is the first millionaire in his family’s lineage and that it wouldn’t have been possible if he gave up along the way.

Success doesn’t come overnight; it comes with years of hard work, preparation, and discipline to do what’s needed at the right time!

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