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ByHand-A sustainable ethnic style brand by Mr. Rajendra Prasad


ByHand is an ethnic store which was set up by Mr. Rajendra Prasad. His energy to get into eco-accommodating, handwoven, hand block printed and hand colored clothing to the majority, zeroing in on the standards of the planet previously was his fundamental proverb.

ByHand believes in ‘Customary wear in a contemporary style’ which causes them to advance a socially deliberate way of life.

All the clothes are basic yet inconspicuous and exquisitely commends the excellence of Indian craftsmanship. Each women has a persona of her own. ByHand is for individuals who are the casualty of cultural pressing factors or the current restrictions in our Indian culture.

While the item was being planned, the mindset of the wearer was remembered and it’s about how one should feel about themselves. ByHand is determined to empower manageable livelihoods for craftsmen subsequently disposing of the go-between.

ByHand likes to contribute towards women empowerment and supporting the talented Indian craftsmen who maintain our Indian culture.

Finding talented craftsmen has become a truly difficult undertaking as Weavers and Craftsmen have depended on pulling carts or have discovered some other method of livelihood. An abundance of old customary viewpoints is lost all the while.

Mr. Rajendra wants the craftsmen to be paid reasonable pay as per the merit for their work; where there is no separation. He wishes to make a place where everybody will be sufficiently valued for their own work. ByHand’s items are made to help and support feasible practices.

ByHand is likewise a regular supporter of NGOs like the Delhi-based MESH and Literacy India to give some examples. They are to give a percentage of their benefits back to the general public and are intending to open an NGO in not so distant future.

Being an Electrical Engineer by calling, Mr. Rajendra was constantly captivated about artworks and plans. At first, he wanted to pursue a diploma in Handloom technology yet destiny had different plans and he turned into an Electrical Engineer.

It was during his movement to states like Gujarat, Rajasthan and Kolkata where he got presented to a ton of different assortments of speciality and discovered his long, lost love within. He has also worked in the Middle East, Russia and Africa (Nigeria-12 years)

In fact, one of the assortments from ByHand named Punnyamati is woven with keen thoughts from the Indian School of thought where women empowerment has made an honorable showing.

India is a place where there is diversity in culture. The diversity from Kashmir to Kanyakumari is colossal. Because of the tremendous variety, there are individuals with various cultures, individuals who communicate in various dialects and furthermore wear distinctive garments consequently having diverse craftsmanship too.

Nikara is Byhand’s elite storyline to exhibit the “Excellence in Contradictions” found from different Indian roads. Punya Mati is the principal section of Nikara that is propelled from Kumarotuli. Section or Episode 2 will be from another Indian Street that they are currently working on.

Kumartuli is a conventional earthenware town situated in the by-paths of Northern Kolkata. The city of Joy is eminent for its chiseling ability, which produces mud symbols for different celebrations as well as routinely sends out them.

The well-known Durga icons are formed here with some unusual and conflicting mainstream accepts.

“Punya mati” (or Harlot’s earth) is a combination of cow pee, Ganga’s mud, cow fertilizer and a tad of “nishiddho palli” or the mud from the land of harlots known as the Sonagachhi, which is Asia’s biggest red-light territory.

As per the traditions, the cleric (sadhu) of the sanctuary needs to in a real sense ask at the doorstep of the house of ill-repute to obtain this quintessential dirt for icon making. In addition, he likewise drones Vedic mantras to refine those ladies and honor the sacred soil from her lawn.


It is said that at whatever point a man visits a whore, he gives up his temperance and virtue behind the doorstep. Thus, all that integrity and honorability blends in with the dirt encompassing her home. This dirt is utilized to make the icons which are viewed as a demonstration of virtue.

The result we get is heavenly and as lovely as Maa Durga❤️

According to Indian folklore, during the epic battle between the Goddess and the devil, ‘Mahishasur'(the evil presence) made endeavors to attack ‘Durga’ (the Goddess) who was the most lovely lady creation. In any case, toward the end, an incensed ‘Durga’ annihilated the ‘asura (evil presence) with her Trishul. Along these lines, Durga Puja is a demonstration of offering appreciation to womanhood and that incorporates the ones who serve manliness professionally.

This remarkable ideation behind the name of the assortment is something that made me nearer to the brand considerably more.

ByHand follows all the standards of the World Fair Trade Organization and the synthetic substances used to develop clean, interactive and dye cotton for use in articles of clothing that come in direct contact with your skin. This has a few wellbeing hazards and is one reason concerning why ByHand advances natural dress.

I have connected the website with the goal that you can feel free to check the assortments. Additionally, their social media handles is connected with the goal that you can remain refreshed on their most recent contributions.

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