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Moe Abbassi Shares The 3 Reasons Why Your Relationship Is The Real Bottleneck In Scaling Your Business

Or lack of relationship for that matter…

So what’s the deal? There are tons of bright, promising entrepreneurs and businessmen out there that have shut themselves off to the dating world, and It’s not for lack of potential romantic interests. There are cities full of attractive, single women. So if it’s not the people, what is it? Time. They are isolating themselves socially in the hopes that they will have the time, the money, and the confidence to focus on dating and relationships. Sound familiar? We know risk-taking is part and parcel of being at the cutting edge of business (Women love it too!), but guys, this is not a risk worth taking. Will you have to make sacrifices to be successful? Absolutely. However, talking to women, upping your dating game, and building relationships can positively affect your career and personal life. Moe Abbassi shares with us the reasons why.


When you first think about it, romance and business sit at opposite ends of a spectrum. Romance requires a degree of vulnerability, a loss of control, whereas business wants nothing to do with those emotions; or any emotions at all for that matter. When you are obsessed over your work, it’s easy to get burned out and frustrated. “A lot of guys think it’s counter-productive to spend time with women. In doing this, they’re not allowing themselves to switch off from their work, which causes burnout and costs them results in the long run,” Abbassi said. This, combined with a lack of intimacy, can lower your productivity. An encounter with a gorgeous woman, on the other hand, can make you rediscover your self-worth. The invigorating feeling when you wake up next to a perfect 10 will completely make up for the time you could have been thinking about work. You’ll be happier and more motivated, a state that encourages innovation. You’ll be miles ahead of where you would have been otherwise, leaving your competition in awe.

Self- Esteem

So maybe you’ve tried it out, you’ve gone online and swiped, typed endless drafts of your ‘bio,’ and spent days deliberating on pictures without getting results. This is a good way of wrecking your self-esteem and putting off that long-awaited return to the social world, plus it’s not going to help you shape up on business applicable skills. The only way to do that is to meet women in person. When you meet a woman and hold a conversation with her, you’ll start to find out what works and what doesn’t. Much like consumers of your product or service, you have to work out what they want first. “Confidence is a transferrable skill – guys don’t think about their lack of self-esteem with women translating into their business,” Abbassi stated. By talking face to face, you’ll get an insight into the psychology of the women you want to date and start to feel more relaxed under the pressure of talking to attractive women. Improving these interpersonal skills can make you more comfortable in the boardroom and busier in the bedroom. Confidence and self-esteem are fundamental to achieve success in business, which is what a relationship can most certainly provide.

Lack Of Fulfilment

How many stories have we heard about a successful businessman making a tonne of money, but still being depressed and lonely? Sadly, a few more than we’d like. “The number of multi-millionaires I’ve worked with who have crushed it in business but are sad, lonely, and depressed reminds me why my work is so important,” Abbassi explained. After all, the most important thing about being a human is human interaction – without it, we’d feel disconnected and lost. Healthy relationships are the key to living a happy, fulfilling life. Building an empire with someone you love and care about feels a lot sweeter than doing it yourself. As well we know, sharing experiences with others is what makes life such a precious gift.

Finding love and building a relationship is a cornerstone of success. Having someone that compliments your career-driven lifestyle will support you every step of your journey will provide you with more success than you’d imagine. If you’re struggling to scale your business and your relationships aren’t strong, we may have found the problem. As they say, behind every great man is an even greater woman.

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