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Breaking Mental Barriers for Healthy Eating

Sanjay Raja Speaking on the food talk

In this day and age, who isn’t struggling with their eating habits? With the ever-growing list of the latest diet trends, which one do you choose, and most importantly, will it work? Sanjay Raja, a health and nutrition expert, is breaking barriers of the traditional “weight loss system” and introducing a new head-of-them-all objective speaking point, “The Food Talk”. Not only does this proven wellness program give you introspective into understanding the importance of healthy eating, it helps lay the foundational means of creating a simple and healthy lifestyle you can easily apply to your everyday routine, while having the ability to share this knowledge with those that you love. 

Growing up on a strict, traditional Indian-cuisine based diet of bread, lentils, rice and vegetables, Raja eventually developed his own taste for western American food and the convenience of the Drive-Thru. Without having the proper knowledge or understanding of nutritional value and a balanced diet, his eating habits soon took a toll on his body and he found himself at the point of obesity. He knew then, it was time for a change. 

Today, Sanjay Raja is known as one of the top Nutrition and Fitness coaches, and is quickly gaining ground through both his fitness education company ‘Team No Excuses’ and his nutrition-based program ‘The Food Talk’ . He has earned notoriety for his call to disrupt and re-evaluate the way society views nutrition and fitness, not only for adults, but for children and corporations as well. With a passion and foresight for creating a paradigm shift in the way we operate and educate our children, families, and people of all ages, you’d better prepare to hear about ‘The Food Talk’ being implemented into schools, the workplace, and most importantly, at home.

Making the “Food Talk” Easier

There are some conversations we would rather not have to partake in, but luckily for you, this one’s not only going to be easy, it’s going to be enjoyable, beneficial, and absolutely life altering. Having critiqued and perfected his program through years of extensive research and multiple degrees in biology, chemistry and physical science, Sanjay has now educated, trained, and consulted thousands of families, individuals, physicians and various corporations on the importance of achieving their health and wellness goals by implementing these simple systems and cutting through all of the misinformation. 

Sanjay strives to share his first-hand experiences and knowledge in everything that he does, and while he may be flourishing in his businesses, and personal health and wellness goals, you can find him paying tribute of his continually growing successes to his decision to begin living a healthy lifestyle. Using his own story, he gives his audiences simple visualizations and ways to easily implement his techniques into our everyday tasks and take our results to the level we’ve all been searching for.

You can find Raja’s first book of his series “The Food Talk” on his website  as well as catching him on one of his many platforms including TV shows, radio, hosting health and wellness podcasts, speaking engagements and more! 

“Sanjay Raja was one of the keynote speakers at Honest Talk International…”,”He did a great job of engaging the audience and gave us all insight on how to change the conversation around food. I loved that he drew on personal experiences so that we could see where our own decisions about food come from and how to break the cycle for our families. It’s so refreshing to hear him talk about nutrition from a healthy standpoint rather than one around dieting and fads.” -Michaela Rosales, Childbirth Educator, Doula, Speaker Co-founder Honest Talk International.

“I think the key points in your book will be a great resource for parents.” “I have a 15 month old and I keep reminding myself to take the path of most resistance like you said in terms of her eating habits.” -Alicia McGhee, Childhood Obesity Educator.



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