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Bomma Satya Prasad Garu’s Life Story


To forge ahead in the human evaluation of excellence in educational development, a few peope are considered as stalwarts of prolific, amazing masterminds by whom the society is being enlightened under the terrain of the sun forever.

In a similar proven fact of broad spectrum of brilliance with elaborate mindedness and a gallant nature, SREE BOMMA SATYA PRASAD GARU was born on November 21,1982 in KHAMMAM. Throughout his excellent educational career, he reached a top station and qualified above all disciplines. Today, he has been a diligent, bountiful organizer in the capacity of vice president for BOMMA RAJESWARA RAO EDUCATIONAL WELFARE SOCIETY, also the vice chairperson of BOMMA GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS

Apart from the above highly qualified stature, SREE BOMMA SATYA PRASAD GARU and his Cannon of success has figured out him as the DIRECTOR OF HUMAN RIGHTS OBSERVER of TELANGANA STATE.


With the aim “to provide valuable human resources for industry and society through excellence in technical education and research”, the Five siblings of Bomma family established Bomma Rajeshwara Rao Educational Welfare Society in 2006. Named after their beloved father, Rajeshwara Rao garu is a prominent humanitarian, activist for a cause to literate the masses.


The Welfare Society is a non-profitable organisation, where the fees are nominal to sustain just the infra in place. Bomma Rajeshwara Rao Educational Welfare Society started with the establishment of Bomma Institute of Technology & Science in the same year. It would later on become one of the eminent institutes for Bachelors and Master’s program in Technology in the state of Telangana. The institute has a TCS iON centre for seamless online education and also has a Centre of Excellence by the industry leading Siemens, a PLM company. With each outgoing batch achieving terrific placement opportunities, the institute is zeroing in on the sky each year.

With the establishment of Bomma Institute of Informatics providing MCA degree, which was a standalone program and MBA in 2008, Bomma Group of Institutions formed. Not losing to its sister institution, Informatics centre has a record of cent percent graduates every year.

Bomma II shift Polytechnic College was established in 2009 under the State Board for Technical Education and Training, Andhra Pradesh. Since its inception, polyethnic college has proved again and again to be the premier institute in Telangana with top scores of the state, with 9.83 score as latest as 2021. With a modular teaching approach, students are taught better with the practical aspects of the education too. Being on a campus with an Engineering course has provided greater exposure to the real-world scenario. With emphasis on extra and co-curricular activities, Bomma II shift Polytechnic College stands tall in its niche with exemplary results.

Adding to the educational society, Bomma Institute of Pharmacy was established in 2010, with the privilege of being the first institution to be affiliated with JNTU in Khammam of Telangana. It provided regular placement opportunities for the students with industry leading companies every year. Along with its other group of institutions, Bomma Premier League is conducted every year giving opportunities to present paper, poster, quizzes, live model exhibitions, games, cultural, sports, etc.

Rounding up the group, Bomma Brilliant Grammar School was established in 2011. The aim is to create a sound ground to take on this competitive world.


With an official MOU with Microsoft, Bomma Institutes are one of the few in this vast country to have an innovation centre on the campus. They can proudly say that they are the only young college to establish an MOU. Students from the campus have taken part in the Guinness World Record attempt at Hyderabad for creating apps for Windows 8. 40 students have been individually awarded with the certificates. Besides BPL, the institute has also organised Winuthana–2kx, a national level conference for engineering students.

Being a teaching and also a research institute, Bomma Institutes have arranged many visits to the corporate world of innovation and opportunities. Students have visited Infosys and Microsoft campuses in Hyderabad. A rare and privileged chance to meet the Governor of Sweden and the opportunity to facilitate the education of girl students in Sweden has been gained by the institute.

Besides these, students have created a campus Bomma Radio. The engineering students have also designed a car and a bike for their practical education. The students from the institute has won many prizes and awards for their presentations at various colleges.


To achieve their mission of educating students from all over India, including those from the local and rural areas, with quality technical education and a sound footing on basic engineering, technical and managerial skills, innovative research capabilities, and exemplary professional conduct. To lead and to use technology for the progress of humankind, adapting them to changing technological environments with the highest ethical values as the inner strength,” Bomma Rajeshwara Rao Educational Welfare Society is doing everything in their reach and the results and achievements of the students show that.

The Man Behind The Success…

Under the Chairmanship of Rajeshwara Rao garu and Vice Chairmanship of Satya Prasad garu, the institute also takes part in many social causes and welfare projects to enhance and strengthen the communities they strive to uplift.

We can now safely say that the Group of institutions are a huge success considering their achievements in the world of education and placements. The man behind the expansion and innovation at the campus is surely Bomma Satya garu. Satya garu had finished his M. Tech. He is the heart and soul of the group of institutions and his disruptive methods of administration such as the TCS iON centre are possible only because of him. With his deep appreciation for achievers and also showing it to the world motivates all his students. When we visit his Facebook handle, we can see the ideology of promoting the students and their achievements along with many of the days of observation. Satya garu and his youthfulness made all this possible, 15 years ago. The world can bank on the institutions under his able leadership, dedication and overall ambition of success.

Bomma Group of institutes are bound to only grow and climb up and be an icon in this competitive world of education and liberation. For sure.

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